Mr Land and the County are wrong if they will not bring in our WS Firefighters who do not wish to work under Stith.

This county need to do away with the city departments and just go to one county department. With that being said every fire fighter would fall under the county with One county fire chief an you can make the chiefs we have now a battalion chief. There is no need to have 6 different departments with 6 different chiefs, there are some departments with only 3 to 4 members why on earth do you need all these chiefs with so little members. If the county would take over an make all Hamilton county fire rescue i think it would work out better for not only the county but the departments. Yes it will take money to do this but it will be worth it. In all reality this county needs 3 paid station 24 /365 one in the north end one in the middle an one in the south. It will help with homeowners insurance and give this county 24 hour coverage with no doubt that there will be personal on duty an responding.

Just take a look at how Suwannee County did it.  They went from having all these volunteer fire station to just one county department an its working if they can do it we can to. It would also take the bull crap city politics out of it. I know first hand that  Hamilton county is needing fire fighters (certified ones at that) and I am one of those fire 1 certified people an the county.  They turned me away because of the small town bs politics just because i left White Springs fire department because of the bs politics, I’m not allowed to help my own county that I live in when we all know the county needs fire fighters.


Karin’s comment:

I would imagine that Stith and Bullard have a lot to do with this.  It is time that the State and County take over White Springs.

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