More Reasons to choose a GOOD MAN (Tom Moore) for Town Council

At last Evening’s meeting, Ashley Bryant went before the White Springs Town Council asking for a donation of money for an Easter Egg Hunt for children from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm on Easter SATURDAY and the Town Council gave Ms. Bryant a donation of $300 since she was unable to secure sponsors (more on this later).


Here Sat Tom Moore, Candidate for Town Council just behind Ms. Bryant and her two precious children.  Ms. Bryant was holding one of her children so her young son was having difficulty sitting on a chair by himself and was squirming which all young ones do in an unfamiliar place where they are required to act like adults.   Tom Moore came to the rescue and took the young boy in his arms.  Since Children are precious and innocent and do not care about discrimination, the color of one’s skin or their politics, but can only detect whether the person they see is good or bad, I wish that I had a camera or a phone at the moment, for the photo of the year.  The Minute Tom Took  this precious young boy on his lap, the youngster clung to Tom cuddling close to Tom Moore’s body, and peacefully fell asleep, never wishing to let go.   In fact the youngster slept until his mom was ready to go and since he still had a grip on Tom, Tom so kindly took the tired precious boy to his mom’s car and then returned to the meeting.   


Children can sense a good man and I hope that White Springs can sense that as well by electing Tom Moore to Town Council.  I sometimes believe if children actually had a say, the world would be a better place to live in.


We are all born charming, fresh and spontaneous and must be civilized before we are fit to participate in society MISS MANNERS (JUDITH MARTIN)   

This is the comment that I have forever kept on my facebook page and it explains everything.  It is too bad sometimes that we become civilized, especially if we as children undertake our parents, communities and relatives dislikes without determining things for ourselves.  As for me, mine was not a perfect childhood but at least my parents did not teach me to discriminate or dislike people unless they did something to me.  And then, it was face off time rather than allowing brooding.


Back to the Easter Egg hunt.  Most churches in the area have an Easter Egg Hunt for the parishioner’s children either before or after services.  We at one time, when attending Reverand Sippio’s church also contributed because unlike many adults, the children were beautiful and friendly not caring that we were probably the only white folk there.  But it perplexes me why Ms. Bryant would have an UNADVERTISED Easter Egg hunt that would last longer than an hour and WHICH CHILDREN WOULD BENEFIT.  Would it be only neighborhood children? Would it be only relatives?  Would it be only Black children?  If money is received from the Town, it should be an Easter Egg Hunt for all of the Children, White, Black or Brown and it should be advertised and should actually be a Town Function, so all children could enjoy the experience.


Back to Tom Moore.  At the meeting we also found out that Tom Moore helped another Citizen put out a grease fire, and had it out by the time the Fire Department showed up.  All Stith did was laugh and it makes me sick to see such a hypocrite pretend he is a fireman.  As you can see, Tom Moore not only takes special efforts to keep the Veteran’s Park up  and volunteers for many committees because he appreciates all people, and will help anyone in Town if he is able to.  This is the type of person we need on the Council.
Please young people and your parents, please do not disrespect the Veteran’s Park grounds playing poke’mon.  Tom Moore is one of the only people who has to keep the grounds since the Town does not really look out after our veterans.  Thank you.

Karin for the blog


P.S.  I know for the majority of you that Easter is a great time to be with family and friends and to provide the Goodies the Bunnies have left for your children, but remember that we should especially remember Good Friday, the day Jesus shed his blood for all of us so that our sins could be forgiven.  Good Friday is the day we should honor because Christ suffered and died, and was buried, shedding his blood for the sins of man.  Make certain your Children understand that Jesus suffered and died for us before rising to the Heavens on Easter Sunday.

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