More on the two year old petulant Child’s reactions at last nights Special Meeting

We’re still stunned over the events of last night’s meeting.  Although I was escorted out of the meeting after telling Spencer Lofton that “We didn’t want him” and that “he was the worst mayor in the history of White Springs”, I deserved it but felt great about it, just the same.

The nice thing is that Mrs. Tom Brazil, Sr. had walked out of the meeting early and had filled me in on the events which were transpiring in Town Hall.  By the way, did you see how beautiful Mrs. Brazil looked last night.  Her new hairdo made her look as young as her son.  So I guess I have to take back the statement that Tom, Junior, is like the SON I never had but to say that he is the GRAND SON I never had.

Obviously, the petulant child, Spencer Lofton, had a real problem that he was not mayor any longer and that a new council was in place which would elect the Mayor and Vice Mayor.  While I was still in the meeting, you could see Tonja Brown praying with her hands folded and her head down.  Then she nominated Spencer Lofton as Mayor, and he seconded it.  Then Spencer Lofton nominated Tonja Brown as Vice Mayor, and Tonja seconded it.  When it came to the votes, Spencer and Tonja approved and Helen Miller and Tom Moore disapproved.  It was at that moment that Spencer Lofton stated that since the votes were tied, that he, Spencer Lofton remained as mayor and Tonja Brown as Vice Mayor.  My heart sank not realizing that Tom Moore and Helen Miller were not showing their “cards”.  I of course went into an outburst and was escorted out.

Nevertheless what I was told thereafter was that Spencer Lofton had a difficult time understanding that he was no longer the mayor and that the majority, meaning all councilors had to be present for a vote for the mayor and vice mayor.   As it was Town Attorney Hatton explained it to him in more than one manner and the petulant child still would not accept her explanation.   I understand somewhere in between this petulance, Lofton decided to attack  Helen Miller over the Local Option Fuel Tax Money saying all her efforts would not cause any further action by the State (in his words of course) and he continued to ridicule her, while she remained strong and smiling at his stupidity.

Tom Moore belongs on the Council and he too stood strong.  He is such a kind and considerate man, who cares about everyone in this town, that after the meeting, Joe told me he extended an olive branch to Spencer Lofton, saying that he hoped that we could all get along on the council.  Well Spencer Lofton who was still arguing with Karen Hatton, our  attorney, about the charter and that he should remain mayor (I walked in at this point), told Tom Moore, that he did not have to get along with him or anyone else on the council.  So much for his initial  speech which was in the Jasper News stating he would remove the division between the races.   Then he told Tom Moore that he was still going to handle all the Town Meetings, to which Tom Moore eloquently replied “The Mayor will handle the meetings”.

This shows you that Tom Moore was the right man for the Council Position.   It also shows you that Spencer Lofton is a petulant two year old who if he does not get his way will do anything to fight for probably the only height of his career, being Mayor of a small Town in Florida.  He amounted to nothing in his lifetime but believes he is superior to all, treating people like some dictator.  His niceness is an act and he is still a con-artist and will remain because “Leopards do not change their spots”.

Now many of the “Gang of Thugs” were telling the voters that Anita Rivers would not win and that she was toast.  Although the Law would state that she could be elected into office as a write in, the Thugs were busy at work.  Yet for those to whom did not listen to these Thugs, and voted for Anita Rivers, I thank you.  The Thugs probably scared many people off but it did not scare you and because of your votes for a wonderful woman, Tom Moore, who is a wonderful kind and deserving man has been elected to serve us.

I still believe Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton share the title of the “Worst Mayors in the History of White Springs”, but not only has Lofton shown his real character as a Two year old Petulant Child who wants his way, but he has embarrassed our Town with the way he has handled the good people of this Town and Hamilton County.

By the way, with respect to the Fire Department Agreement, Jennings did receive the same contract as White Springs but stated, while White Springs will not work for Hamilton County and earn the $2,500 per month, Jennings will.  It is amazing that everyone in Hamilton County and beyond know how corrupt White Springs is, but people like Rhett Bullard and Spencer Lofton do not see what they have done to our Town and how embarrassing each of them have been as our representative.  No Lofton, get over yourself.  This is a weak form of Mayor organizational charter, and you never did have any more power than any one of the other Council  Members, so quit being a schmuck about it.

I wish the TV crews the “Watch” spoke about would have been there to have aired last night’s meeting.  It would have been a hoot and probably had more viewers than ever.   I cannot wait until Thursday night.  I don’t think Lofton and Brown will be able to handle it.  Lofton seeks the power he never had and Brown, who stated she reads the Charter every night before going to bed, obviously didn’t understand what she read when she and Lofton thought they could get away with being Mayor and Vice Mayor.


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