May Day should be a Town event not a segregated event

I thought the May Day event had a board or committee and they had the right to decide things.  From the last meeting, apparently road closures and the like was decided by Spencer Lofton and Chief Rodriquenz….but wait, Willie Jefferson wasn’t sure they did the right thing so he wanted a ride along with Chief Rodriquenz.

I do not know who the gentleman was who sat across from Joe and I at the meeting, but I would have liked him to have made some decisions because he seemed more knowledgeable.  And this gentlemen also asked why the May Day event could not be handled in the same manner as the Wild Azalea Festival?  That’s a good question but your Power of Three Council and our illustrious Town Manager do not wish for you to have the same rights.

You all should be considered the Special Event May Day Committee and  there should be a resolution to the Town that the May Day event is part of the Town of White Springs and as such is covered under the Town’s insurance.  Last year Rhett Bullard said he could not afford insurance so the Town Manager solicited her boyfriend Vernon and his High Springs Police officers and dogs to segregate people in a manner in which seemed horrid to me.

Since the first slave owner was a Black Man, I believe what we have in the power of three, plus Spencer Lofton are slave owners who basically keep the May Day festival segregated from the Town for which the Town will do nothing to assist you.

It should be a family event celebrated by all with games for the children, socializing, dancing singing and breaking bread (food).   We should not have to fill out contracts and pay more attorneys and we should not have to buy insurance when the Town should include the May Day festival as their own.

Having Tonja boss you all around last year and Stacy Tebo who tried to get you to her thinking before Anita Rivers let the cat out of the bag, was a bit much.  You can trust Anita Rivers but there is no one at Town Hall that you can trust or who gives a damned.

We need Helen Miller back.   We need Anita Rivers back and we need Honest council members which we sure do not have now.


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