Maintenance is not something done in WS

Regarding my previous article on maintenance, the first thing that came out of Mayor Bullard’s mouth relating to cleaning the drainage ditch was whether it was on Thomas Brazil’s property.  The Town does not wish to be responsible for their fallen trees or any type of outside maintenance.  Mr. Lofton did take down his address when apparently no one else wished to see what the problem was.  I assume it was for the purpose showing how great he is so he gets elected in the upcoming election but I warn you, this will rapidly change after the election like it did for Willie Jefferson.

Also Mr. Brazil should not be blamed for the wording on the sign but our White  Springs Journal because we believe we are absolutely correct on the issue.  Our thanks to Mr. Brazil for his patriotism.

Woody Woodard once complained about the lights being too close together so that our large Town Lawn mower could not mow between them.  That probably is a problem but I am curious why the lighting was not spread further for the purpose of lighting going all the way to the Dollar General Store on 41.  That neighborhood deserved lighting as well and two problems could have been handled at one shot with a little planning by the Town Manager and Mayor.

The  Town also owns all the sidewalks and the cracks have risen and increased whereby it is dangerous in some areas to even walk on the sidewalk.  Joe took his wheelchair on the Wesson street sidewalk on the side of the sidewalk to no where and it blew out a tire.  These sidewalks are a problem.

There is also the problem of street repair.  We seem to put in gravel but why can’t the town just repair the areas with a little asphalt.  It should be part of our public works department.

Maintenance, is not something which is important to the Town of White Springs.   Legal expenses are.  They would rather pay for a lawyer to fight if anyone is hurt or something is damaged rather than do the right thing.  I do not believe Stacy Tebo has ever viewed the entire Town of White Springs.

I think it is great that Officer Davis is handling Land Development Regulations but it is up to the Town Manager to do part of the correspondence and work.   And, Andrew Greene should not longer be paid for handling a job he no longer is working at.

This morning I overheard a conversation relative to the ball field.  Apparently when the prisoners mow, that is all they are required to do.  But it needs further maintenance whereby the field itself is like concrete and never worked up; and obviously as a result the ball field is not being used by anyone except about 20 adults who have to watch how they fall so they are not injured.

Furthermore there is no area for skateboarding or basketball which is sad indeed.  There are no activities for people monthly which may assist in lowering crimes.  It does not matter if it is a dance for single adults; a dance for younger people, picnics and contests such as talent shows, horseshoes for the older folks, etc.  We could possibly again become a community as it was years ago, instead of all this infighting, crime, drugs and corruption..

Also I know I complained about this before, but I did not include part of the story.  The Women’s Center/Community Center is not open unless one pays to use it.  That to me does not make sense because a community center should be for the community to utilize as they wish; to play cards; to prepare a meal for friends; a place to just socialize or a place to keep warm in bad weather.

We had recently what was called in my opinion a Pogonip. The word pogonip is a meteorological term used to describe an uncommon occurrence: frozen fog. The word was coined by Native Americans to describe the frozen fogs of fine ice needles that occur in the mountain valleys of the western United States in December.  However, this time it was in Florida.  Everything was white and large frozen branches fell, one of which fell on our van and we had to pay to have the glass repaired.  It was during this time that there was no electricity again and for those who do not have gas/propane stoves of any kind, you are about to freeze.   One of our citizens tried to get into the Community Center and found there was no generator or any place to get warm and his house was freezing.  As a result he came to a meeting and asked for a generator to be placed in the Community Center for those out in the cold so there would be some place to go.  I do not know if this has been remedied and I inquired about it to the Citizen and he did not know either if anything would be done.  Yet we can definitely pay for legal fees because Stacy Tebo is far more important to Rhett Bullard, Willie Jefferson and Tonja Brown than the citizens whose taxes pay for Town services.



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