Lofton doesn’t have the common sense to know how ignorant he really is and below is some of his year of shame


Let’s go back in time to bring you highlights of Spencer Lofton.  Many of these quotes were taken from the Jasper News; however, like in the case where he felt he alone, not the council, could investigate the case of John Davis vs Tonja Brown, he will say he never used the word “investigate”.  Liar liar Pants on Fire Lofty!!


“I think everyone who knows me knows I am qualified,” Lofton said. “I was in the United States Air Force and one of the jobs I had was being in charge of an entire base. My qualification goes way back to when I was 19 and they took a 19 year old and put them in charge of a $2.3 million aircraft.

“This is nothing new to me and the things going on in this town where it has been dividing us that’s not good. I have watched this happen time and time again and if I get to be mayor I would erase that line.”  (He did erase that line by being a dictator and causing a further divide)

Lofton continued with wanting to bring forth a new White Springs that would be prosperous. He said he wants to bring businesses into White Springs and if that does not happen, then he would not be on the ballot in two years.

That is quite a Story but again Lofton perceives himself as more than he is.  A staff sergeant would never be put in charge of an entire base and if he was, what was he in charge of, janitorial, events?   Being in charge of a $2.3 million aircraft makes me scratch my head.  He sure wasn’t a pilot nor was he a mechanic.  Was he standing watch over it, or just deicing which was one of his charges.  Wow does he make a story good.

As for divisiveness, Spencer Lofton has been one of the largest racists ever, even feeling that young White Children should not be allowed in programs that were for the predominantly Black Children or those less fortunate.  He’d be the first to segregate and segregation and divisions between Black and White have grown since he has become Mayor.

He feels without Accounting and Finance, Law and Economics that he is qualified to bring businesses in.  He has wasted the School Board’s time, the Superintendent of School’s time and multiple investors trying to sell the fact that the Lessors would be willing to foot the millions of dollars which would be required to refurbish SHE to accommodate various small businesses, which could not lease SHE because of affordability if they were required to pay for renovations, taxes as well as having sufficient funds to make a profit in a Town that does not have a “Leader” store, nor would a leader store even consider going into a Lease to pay all the expenses of SHE. 


Then he never realized he needed insurance.  He wanted to least SHE for $1.00 and told everyone his plan that it would only cost electricity which was cheap and he could bring in a dry cleaners and move in the Town offices or the Police Station.  More than one investor left.  And as to the insurance he asked the County as to what law applied so as to cause the Town of White Springs to buy insurance when leasing SHE.  I would say he is ignorant of any form of business and the question itself was moronic.  Furthermore, when working with investors during my days in NV, most wished a 30% return.  If you did not give them a proposal of how they could at least make a 30% return, you could kiss their money goodbye.   If I were him, I would hide my head in shame, but he’s ignorant and I am certain his “investors” realized that as well.

I remember when he brought in his friends who were buying a ranch which they would use for juvenile inmates to work on.  After one town council meeting, we never heard from them again.

At a meeting which Superintendent Rex Mitchell was officiating, enters Lofton with one of his cronies  Lofton was bragging about his being the mayor and his cronie kept saying “I just knew when you were voted in you would be mayor”  The meeting ceased to exist when he introduced his friends who were to buy a ranch and raise cattle.  First these people owned a million dollar restaurant in Miami and the next time they owned the restaurant in Denver.  And Lofty went into his theatrical antics showing how bums in Miami walk and act.  It was sad indeed.   All I could think of is Grifters meet the Grifter/Con-Artist of White Springs..

Now he can schmooze all the Black ladies so that they ooh and ahh at his every idea because his wife dresses him to look the part of a businessperson or politician.  But for the average Black or White Man, they know what is coming out of his mouth is pure BS.

But he sure uses his military career as a crutch since he knows nothing else.  He did not move up through the ranks, he was not a mechanic, he was not a pilot and he wasn’t a “Sergeant” but a Staff Sergeant who only deiced planes, worked in the latrine, was a janitor and handled some events.  He was never overseas and it makes me wonder if he ever had an “honorable” discharge.  But he is favored so the town will never question him.  He’s black and he is privileged and we are to kiss his feet.  Really!!

Then Spencer Lofton wanted to have the council file an ethics complaint against Councilwoman Miller for requesting an Attorney General’s opinion on Local Option Fuel Tax Funds.  The commission on Ethics would have laughed their butts off on that.  As a Mayor he is on the Florida League of Mayors and when he was to have attended all the sessions, for an annual event, he skipped most of them to come back for an award for his wife at BeFaithful’s building. Yet Helen Miller had to pay to attend and made certain she learned something from each session.   Of course, Lofton knows it all and doesn’t believe an old dog can learn new tricks especially when one feels they are a god”  Yet, we the people paid for him to go.  Actually if he would have taken in some of the sessions, he may have learned how ignorant he really is but alas the Truth hurts.


Then there were these comments when Stacy Tebo’s contract was approved:  “I am probably the most active mayor than any of the previous mayors,” Spencer Lofton said. “I am here almost every single day and when I come in I am well greeted, I’m treated with respect, when I leave if there is something that needs to be attended to, they call me and they ask me to come in.“Nobody tells me what to do.”  For one thing, Lofton should not be in the office every day interfering with Stacy Tebo’s work…but of course, only Miller gets in trouble for that.  He forgets that it is a “weak form” of mayor-ship and that he has no more authority than other council members.  But his ego is so large and Rhett made certain he fed that ego.   And he by far is NOT the most active Mayor, that would have been Helen B. Miller.

Then the real embarrassment was the fact that Spencer Lofton was allowed to negotiate a fire contract with Hamilton County. With no fire calls responded to Lofton apparently said the town would like to provide stipends to its firefighters (where are they?) at the station for 10-12 hour shifts. ( In that case it would not be stipends, Lofty, but rather it would be similar to a paid fireman of just over $21 or 22 an hour as Hamilton County advertised.)  “If we are not allowed enough money to go ahead and provide that service, we can’t work towards, which is my goal, not necessarily White Springs, but my goal for having an active fire department that is on the town books and then have volunteers in addition to that”       ( Lofty said).   (But who wants to work under Steve Stith? and where are these volunteers or paid people coming from?  Furthermore, Lofty actually thought whining was negotiating).

 I have met many people in my life but Lofton is the most ignorant, lying, incompetent con-artist I have ever met.  It’s a wonder the Air Force put up with him for as long as they did.  ?Sitel sure didn’t hire him back.

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