What has Uncle Tommie Boy done? Hell, I don’t even know what the financial condition of the town is. Helen promised me  in two months we would know and we don’t. White Springs apparently has one of three choices. One is a competent person who lives 4 hours away and wants to work part time three days a week, just about what Stacy did. Another one is what we got now, incompetence personified, A dumb man only getting dumber. Or a Citizen Activist who has proven over 22 years that he knows White Springs problems and will work for peanuts. Plus he brings his wife along to sweeten the pot. She knows the law and financial doings better than any prior Financial person in Town history.

The choicer is yours. If you want White Springs to stay as it is Hire Tommie again, if he will fill out an application this time. If you want competence hire Lee Evett. If  you really want to stir up the pot and have a legal freak hire the Citizen Activist who has laid out a plan for what he would do for White Springs.

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