According to the Jasper News of March 21st the town is asking the citizens to approve ballot initiatives to change the Charter. Needless to say there are good and bad items that the Town is asking the voters to approve.

Here is the portion of the Jasper News Article:

The proposed changes include council members having four-year terms instead of two, with elections every two years; seat designations for council members; loosening but not scraping the requirements that Robert’s Rules of Order be the procedural norm; giving authority to the council to create and establish boards and committees in compliance with general law and the Corporate Boundaries of the Town of White Springs be defined by the ordinance of annexation.

This publication will take the proposed changes from the worst to the best.

The worst is the having four year terms for Council members. According to Tracy Woodard, head of the Charter Review committee. this change is necessary because it takes too long for a Council member to learn the job, two years is not enough. And she says that the elections cause disruption in the town having one every two years. What a hock of hooey. The average length to time for a member to serve on the council is 6 years with Tonja Brown and Walter McKenzie leading the way with 4 terms and 12 terms respectively. Tonja, because she is an idiot with a minimal education, a GED at best, will never learn the job. In fact with Rhett bailing out of any position of authority because of the Ethics Complaints filed against him that are due for investigation any time now one wonders how Tonja will vote on anything. She has NEVER voted in a way that Rhett didn’t vote. Some learning the job. It is believed that she can not even read. You get, with Tonja and Willie and Rhett three votes for the price of one council member actually thinking

We’ve had two year terms for over 40 years and the only reason the town is in the moral and ethical dilemma that we find ourselves in is not because it causes upset  among the people but because we as Citizens continue to vote in (every two years) who can’t read and/or think,  hello Walter, Willie, Joe and Ralph. It doesn’t take four years for a citizen to learn the job of Council member, if he or she can read. Willie and Tonja can’t or won’t read the Charter despite Tonja’s saying she reads the Charter every night before she goes to sleep. We keep putting into office the same idiots and nothing ever changes for the better. IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT. Two year terms is NOT Broke.

The second worst item in the proposed changes is the effort to let the Council and the Mayor to suspend the requirement to follow Robert’s Rules of Order. It is doubtful that Tonja nor Arthur even know one item in the Robert’s Rules of Order as dumb as they are. How can you follow rules you don’t  understand. Rhett did it because of his Corrupt heart and need for power over the people and Tonja, Willie (and it is assumed) that Arthur will vote to suspend the rules whenever Spencer decides to do so . It is not a way to run a railroad. This item also is not broke. Everyone from the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives to the Florida Bar uses Robert’s Rules of Order to keep their houses in order. Can we be that much different?

Not as bad as the other two is the effort to not require a Charter Change for Annexation of the Town or parts thereof. We didn’t do it for Woody Woodard (seeing a pattern here folks?) when he decided that he wanted to leave the town because the Town was corrupt and wouldn’t provide services to his property north of town. The people voted in the Charter, I’m told they voted three times to approve it in 1998 and finally approved it. IF IT AIN’T BROKE DON’T FIX IT. Nothing is wrong for the Citizens to vote on the tax basis for the town. And the Woodard’s (Woody and his bride Tracy) have decided to codify their illegal behavior and seek the Council and the People to approve that illegal (by t he Charter) behavior AFTER THE FACT. Don’t do it.

Finally it is time for the only Charter Change that is worth having and that is not having a beauty contest to town council members. The Charter review Committee wants to have citizens run for a specific seat on the Council and not a “he who gets the most votes” wins type of election. Make Willy and all of the other would be council members run against a particular person or seat. In other words make Spencer run against a new comer to keep his seat on the council. And it is believed that the Mayor will be voted on BY THE PEOPLE as a whole. The Mayor must run for his position and not voted on by the Council. If we had it this way, we wouldn’t have such CRAPPY self-serving mayors. Not a bad idea at all.

If you believe that you can’t vote or anything that the Council wants you to vote on then vote for all of the proposed amendments. If however you think that the Charter is valuable the way it is then don’t try and fix it. We voted  in 1998 to have the Charter. It is not about time to fix it.

Joe Griffin




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