According to the Jasper News the town, at the behest of Rhett Bullard, town attorney for Jasper and Mayor of White Springs, will hire an outside attorney to investigate Town Manager’s carrying a gun in City Hall and allegedly threatening an employee with that gun. When Rhett Bullard did that for White Springs he hired Mr. Larkin, an attorney from Tallahassee and it cost the taxpayers some $26,000.00. Mr. Larkin is a fine attorney and asked all of the right questions in his five depositions in the case investigation. One wonders whether the Citizens of Jasper want to spend that much money at the recommendation of a shyster such as Rhett Bullard. How Jasper ever  hired Bullard is mystery to this publication, he certainly is one of the weakest attorney’s in the Third Judicial Circuit, to my way of thinking. It is also true that he has run White Springs into the ground with his ME FIRST type of leadership.

Thank goodness I don’t live in Jasper or else this blog would be twice its normal size.


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