I become saddened everytime I think about what we had in a Fire Department

When I read the old 2013 Jasper/Land article regarding volunteer fire fighters, I was saddened. At the April 10th meeting, Counselor Walter McKenzie again asked how many firefighters do we have within 15 minutes of White Springs. Again we were told four (4). If Stacy hadn’t treated our former Chief Kevin Pittman so poorly, we would have not only retained the firefighters who were within 15 minutes of the fire station but we certainly had more than four in the brotherhood. As long as Stacy Tebo is the White Springs Manager, nothing good will come of our fire department. Stith chooses Andrew Greene and his spouse who they fear could not get themselves out of a fire so there is not a lot of hope for a joint venture either. Mr. Stith should not have disparaged the condition of the firehouse when the former firefighters had nothing to do with it.

The firefighters now will have additional equipment for breathing and seeing in the dark.  Since I am unfamiliar, maybe one of you will be able to explain the equipment for the blog and your thoughts.


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