Hatton Law PA – Karen Hatton’s Opinion on Town of White Springs Resolution No. 19-03

Mind you, Resolution 19-03 was so easy to read, a fourth grader would have understood it.  But not the “Gang of Three” Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown and Spencer Lofton.  I guess  if they can read, they just cannot understand what is being read.  Yet, I believe it is laziness and the fact that they just keep approving contracts without understanding what’s in them and that means Resolutions as well.  Anyway, here is Hatton’s Opinion.


Resolution NO. 19-03 encourages non-disruptive pubic meetings and workshops and is meant to balance freedom of speech and freedom of expression with the government’s interests affecting the Town’s ability to conduct business and address Town related matters.


Robert’s Rules of Order is to be used as a general guideline in Town meetings.  The resolution is to supplement those rules.


Members of the Town Council have the EXCLUSIVE right to raise questions of procedures and points of order.  In other words, only Council members can raise a point of order at anytime if they notice a breach of the rules or that the procedure is not being followed.


There are three (3) ways that the public

can now comment at meetings:

Public input is no longer limited to the “Citizens from the Floor” agenda item.  They can now have input and comments on individual agenda items as the item is being discussed.
  1.  Citizens from the Floor Agenda Item  (a)  Citizens can address items not on the Agenda   (b) They may comment on any issue concerning the Town and its citizens and (c) Comments are limited to five (5) limits
  2. Comments on Agenda Items – (a)  Citizen may comment on the specific agenda item only after the staff and applicant input but prior to any Council deliberation    (b)   Comments are limited to five (5) minutes   (c)   Upon deliberation of the Council, all comments from citizens are closed.
  3. Citizens may place items on the Agenda


The Procedure for Citizen’s Public comments

are as follows:

  1.  The citizen must first be recognized by the Chair
  2. The citizen’s comments must be made at the podium
  3. The citizen must first state their name and address
  4. The comments must be concise and specific to the agenda item under discussion.
  5. Absolutely no personal attacks, disruptions, rude or derogatory remarks, etc. are to be tolerated.
  6. The Chair and Council members may stop the speaker by Point of Order, if they have found the rules or procedures have been violated.  The Chair can issue a warning, conclude the speaker’s comments, or remove the person from the meeting if their actions warrant.
  7. The public is encouraged to submit written statements or other documentation either in lieu of comments or to supplement their comments.   (It actually also states paperwork may be given to the Chair if a person is to be removed by police; yet, the Chair nor the councilors would accept four attorney general opinions and as such, the police officer who spun Joe around accepted the paperwork)

It is strange to me that none of these rules apply to the Griffins.  Joe of late has been very considerate by not raising his voice (but blamed that he is irate due to his palsy) but is thrown out every meeting essentially.  I too am treated like a second class citizen and these “Gang of Thug Members” specifically Mayor Spencer Lofton, doesn’t wish to hear the truth so he shuts one down.


Now Chief Tracy tried to blame it on Joe’s actions but I have never seen Joe as calm as he is these days.  And her police officer in the last meeting wanted to take Joe down after he told him that if you touch me, I will own you.  What the officer did was come forward with his hair standing on end like a peacock as if he was going to knock Joe over before I stepped in.  What the officer better realize is that although Joe can walk for about a block and that means to meetings, he is physically challenged.  He had a shattered hip in the accident I still blame Robert Townsend and the Town for, and as a result he has a chain which holds his hip together like a bicycle chain.  This procedure of a chain is similar to what Senator Steve Scalise has after the shots fracture his hip.  If the officer would have dropped him, it may have caused irreparable damage and as a result White Springs would be responsible for the officers unreasonable force.  We do not wish a “Cock” fight and we only wish the freedoms we are allow under the constitution.


Karin for the blog

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