Hate me if you will, but I will do what is necessary to speak the truth as I perceive it

I have heard from others and saw it with my own eyes the contempt and dislike for my actions relating to Spencer Lofton at Last nights special meeting.   Frankly I do not care and have never been liked by the majority of Black People as well as some which are White, but it does not matter, because I know who I am and I believe in equal justice under the law as Joe does.

I do not have an ego and if I do, it is small.  I do not have to be the top dog who receives accolades, but am happy knowing in my heart that I did help another succeed.  I am not a narcissist and I am altruistic to a fault if I believe that someone or something will benefit the Town of White Springs.  I give my all and since I do not ever wish to be in politics, my mission is to only assist those who are politicians or committee members in achieving the best possible benefits for those of White Springs.

But I will say that I am disappointed with the people of White Springs who continually vote for people who will never do anything to better their lives.  So what if that person is a relative?.  Name one thing that person did for the Town.   In Tonja Brown’s case, she unfortunately has a limited education and tends to follow those ideas of people she perceives to be stronger than her and those who will protect her from herself.   In Spencer Lofton’s case, he too unfortunately has a limited education and is truly a narcissist and racist who no one in their right mind can trust to do anything for the town, except cause great embarrassment.

Maybe some of these people who are relatives and friends of Tonja and Spencer will come to their senses some day, but it is hard for some people to vote for someone who does not have the right color of skin.  What they should be considering is which person has the most experience and who has done more for the Town up to this point and who will provide benefit to the Town in spite of the color of their skin.

So hate me or love me, I will express my views if I perceive them to be accurate.  In business, I helped many an employee to get ahead in their career and I did not do it based upon the color of their skin.  In fact some of the best students who wished to get ahead were Black and not White.  I unlike Spencer Lofton relish in the happiness and prosperity of others.  I feel it is my calling to serve even if not in the political arena and I will always wish the best for everyone even those who dislike me.  But I will not stand for people who feel they are privileged and better than someone else when they are as dumb as a stump.


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