In 2016 there was an election for President among other offices. We know this because they, the DEMS have been crying all of the while Since 2017 when President Trump took office. But the DEMS did one thing that Spencer and Tonja didn’t do. They arranged half of their campaign as the Anti-Trump advertising.

Let’s look at what we now know and I knew months ago. Tonja and Arthur didn’t do something very fundamental, THEY DIDN’T CAMPAIGN AGAINST TOM. They hardly raised a whisper when Anita Rivers jump into the mix as a write-in Candidate. Big mistake. Anita got 28 votes, more than enough to get Arthur elected but those votes he left on the table. Another BIG mistake. Did Arthur just assume that he would get elected, being Black and a friend of the Rhatt? He obviously did because his two strong points being Black and a friend of the Rhatt couldn’t do it for him. Now admittedly he was an awful weak candidate and did little to bolster his negatives. The day has come and gone when a candidate can go visit the Udell’s and expect everyone to vote for you. That and 15 yard signs won’t cut it any more.

More effort was put into the anti Charter provisions than Arthur put in his whole campaign. That and the rumors that he whopped up on Shonda Werts his erstwhile girlfriend. He was a dead duck before he even started.

Who could of helped him out of his losing hand position. Why none other than the HNIC, Spencer. But he was too busy to help Arthur out fleecing the county out of money for the Fire Department. Another Big  Mistake. Didn’t he realize that his Mayorship was at stake. No the flake never thought that the concerted effort to get Tom Elected would do Spencer in. Tonja won by the five votes that were secretly placed in the ballot box by Pam and her cronies, otherwise the election would have been a tie. And where was Arthur besides whooping up on Shonda?  Well for one thing he was saying how he forgave us for pointing out his shortcomings as a Christian and a candidate. He was so weak a candidate that we didn’t have to try to hard to make him the buffoon that he is.  Maybe he didn’t want to win happy to place third in a two-horse race. And Spencer didn’t realize it either. Spencer lost the Mayor’s position because he like Arthur don’t know dog crap about vote getting.

The biggest threat to the Black Voters, from Spencer not keeping his Mayor’s post. Did he realize that? Probably not until the votes were counted. One more thought. If Spencer had encouraged Tonja and Arthur to run as a ticket then both would have won. But t heir egotism and sheer stupidly cost not only Arthur the election but cost Spencer the Mayor’s post.

And I am glad that they were stupid and egotistical. I can do no wrong Spencer lost even though he wasn’t on the Ballot. All we had to do was to get Tom elected. I’m suprised that he even ran he was such a nice man.

If they had put their energies  in either getting Arthur elected or Tom defeated they would be no worse off than they are now EXCEPT Spencer is out of JOB. Elections have consequences. Not that the dumb bunnies that ran could think that far down the road. Spencer’s, Tonja’s and Arthur’s “Give me Mine Now” cost  them dearly.  What fools. All we, Karin and I wanted was Tom to win and perhaps have Anita take votes away votes from Arthur. That we accomplished in SPADES. Spencer is out as Mayor, Tonja must now listen to Spencer to determine which horse to follow. The Horse you must follow is named Helen, Walter or Tom, you pick em.




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