Discrimination and no HR Experience – at it’s finest in White Springs

Apparently the Town’s people are now hot on the trail of everyone’s credentials, whether it be that of Joe Griffin and now an employee, Yvonne Bryant.  We are uncertain whether Yvonne Bryant resigned or was fired and the reason doesn’t hold water due to the fact of a precedence White Springs has set. The U.S. Supreme Court allowed these employees to sue, holding that an employer violates the Act when it “purposely creates working conditions so intolerable that the employee has no option but to resign.”  Those are the conditions Yvonne Bryant has had to deal with ever since Tommie Jerome Jones became a hired consultant.

Jones stated how in a prior position he got along with everyone when he was a supervisor and explained these people came from various countries.  Then we ask why he was not able to get along with an employee who is kind gracious and well mannered, like Ms. Bryant?

The Town couldn’t  find anything wrong with her work performance so they found a glitch in that when Ms. Bryant attended Junior College, they wish to have her prove she had an associates degree.  Now mind you Ms. Bryant worked for the Hamilton County Court Systems for years before being hired by Ms. Tebo for the Administrative Assistant Position at White Springs.

And let’s talk about precedence.  Pam Tomlinson who is Caucasian has made many mistakes over the year, but the council and the managers placed blinders on and never did a thing about her mistakes which is costing us much money, so many mistakes that we need a forensic accountant to work on our books which will take another eighteen months.

Ms. Bryant is African American, is honest, does not have a criminal background and is wonderful to all who come to her for services to their water bill.  Yet, she was singled out for providing her diploma or certification when people who were hired before her such as Shirley Heath and Pam Tomlinson were fortunate to have a GED although Tomlinson stated she secured a real estate license on her application.

You will also recall that States’ Attorney Jeff Sigmeister’s office would do nothing about Pam Tomlinson’s public records violations, even though his Chief of Staff admitted Tomlinson did wrong but the infraction was ignored.  It seems some people are favored over others and it appears from what is going on that Caucasians are favored over African Americans currently….that is except for a couple of ladies on the council who are friends of Helen Miller.

Then we have a felon who we were told to forgive and forget his infractions since he paid his dues and it was so long ago.  But one thing this man doesn’t do is quit lying and although this is a State which allows for “At Will” employees and there need not be a reason, it is sad indeed when someone has done such a good job for  the past two to three years, like Ms. Bryant, that she is dismissed over a certification which means a hill of beans to anyone at Town Hall, when Town Hall only hires criminals it appears or people who have no clue what they are doing.Beverly Brazil is excluded from this comment but she technically is a volunteer.

Now good ole Tommie doesn’t have to complete an application because God forbid if there was a mistake where he did not include all of his felonies and First Degree Misdemeanors.  He can get away with judging others but he certainly cannot be inspirational in that what he requires of others, he does not have to do himself. He is not a leader and it is too bad that the only way he can operate is if he is told what to do, because he is no Town Manager and should not have the right to be involved in our financials much less hire, fire and supervise employees.  I am certain he has never picked up a Human Resource book to determine what he can and cannot do.  And to make a nice woman cry daily because of his treatment of her and his inability to communicate anything other than complaints is beyond the pale.   White Springs only hires criminals and people with GED’s so why worry about whether Yvonne Bryant has an associates degree.  She has experience in the court system as well as experience at White Springs which accounts for at least an associates’ degree at that.

All of this makes me ill.  I cannot believe that White Springs is as corrupt as it is and becoming more corrupt each day.   I would understand with the COVID19 situation or that there was less money, etc and the Town would ask that employees work only part time but what happened in conjunction with Ms. Bryant is definitely disturbing and both Mayor Miller and Tommie Jones, whatever his real title is should be very ashamed.

You hire Ben Frye to assist Ray Vaughn when you have a capable person in Curtis Johnson….but wait, Ben Frye is Caucasian but Curtis Johnson is African American, even though he has worked for the Town longer.  And because of the Insurance being construed part of what is paid to Frye, he is making more money than Vaughn because of his insurance costs.

But do we really have insurance for any of our employees.  Our Mr. Jones didn’t even realize how important insurance was and just recently found where all insurance lapsed…that was when Ms. Bryant found out that she had no insurance.  So is that another reason to get rid of Ms. Bryant?   And what did Mr. Jones say at the meeting…he was offered reinstatement but decided against paying back the money and being reinstated.   That is an idiot who should not be involved in HR in my opinion.  So we don’t know if he secured other insurance because he does not know anything about the insurance industry but feels he can just get other insurance or if all employees do not have insurance at this time.

If anyone has made a ton of mistakes and should be terminated whether or not he filled out an application it is Jones because frankly in his inexperience and requiring Helen Miller to make his decisions, he has made so many mistakes, I bet they have exceeded Pam Tomlinson’s quota.

In any event, with the Supreme Court ruling and the fact that Tommie Jones probably did not even offer Yvonne Bryant COBRA in writing, plus the fact that precedence in White Springs constitutes a favor of Whites over Blacks, except if you have a criminal background, then you are acceptable to the current administration.  Well there you have it, one Hell of a Lawsuit.  And White Springs deserves it.  Discrimination is in its finest.

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