Did you receive a copy of Tonja Brown’s Election Letter ROFLMAO

Someone shared Tonja Brown’s letter stating she is running for Town Council.   Of course like her previous years announcements, this letter did not have a disclaimer stipulating who paid for the letter nor was there a disclaimer on her signs.  This is an election offense and can cause the commission to remove her if she is voted in.   Couldn’t happen to a better (read: a more ignorant and lazy) person.  We would not be sent a letter so she’s smart enough to know we would not vote for her; especially with all the disparaging remarks she has made about Joe, mostly which were total fabrications.


Having been on the council as she said “I’ve been on the board for quite some time”, you would think she would know better, but we are still not certain whether Tonja can actually read and I am certain someone had to help her with the letter.


I really love the “Gang of Thugs” letters saying how much they have done for White Springs.  Since Tonja has done no more as a “Gang Member” of Rhett Bullard’s but sit at council meetings and vote with Rhett, her stating she’d “like to see the community move forward with better opportunities for the people who live in White Springs.” is a lie.  She said it was not about her but about the people.  Tonja has never been for the people and hasn’t really done anything except go to a few ribbon cuttings and believes that makes her great.  Furthermore, in the past four years, White Springs has virtually and physically been destroyed.  But let’s look at what she gives herself credit for.

The installation of Street lights and signage (she states on the highway, but the signage is throughout town).   This lighting and signage project was started with Former Mayor Miller and Town Manager Farley. We received a portion of a grant given to someone else.  And if Tonja would have given a damned about lighting for her desire to “build up the South Part of Town and that she was very serious about helping the resident” Why wasn’t the lighting stretched so that it would have extended all the way down 41?   There is no lighting on the East end of Town whatsoever.  In Fact Woody Woodard said the lighting was so close together a mower couldn’t mow the grass between them.  So where were you Tonja when the lights were being installed?.  And no, it was not you and Stacy but you can thank Councilwoman and Former Mayor Helen Miller for the wonderful lights and signs in White Springs.


And don’t take credit for building a fire station Tonja.  The Town under former Town manager Bob Farley, when Miller was Mayor of White Springs, applied for the CDBG grant funding for $500,000 in 2013.  in 2014, Town Manager Bill Lawrence reapplied for the grant with the help of Ronald Van Zant of Jordan and Associates and acceptance from the Department of Equal Opportunity arrived on December 4th with a total of  $600,000 awarded to the Town of White Springs for a new fire Station.  Although Bill Lawrence left, I believe in August of 2014, it was because of Helen B. Miller Phd’s tenure that we received this Grant for the Fire Station and it is tiring for everyone including Tonja and Steve Stith taking credit for everything.

Now Tonja stated “Our roads need work, and we have secured grant money to improve part of Mill and Kendrick Streets”…to build up the South part of Town, she adds.  Since Tonja Brown has been working so closely with Rhett Bullard, Spencer Lofton, and Stacy Tebo, one can blame Tonja in part for the theft of $750,000 plus Local Option Fuel Tax Funds which were to have been used for “Transportation” purposes only Now one has to feel sorry for Tonja because she doesn’t have a clue about the Statutes for the State of Florida that apply to Local Option Fuel Taxes, much less the ability to read or understand what she reads, but this is the deal.  If the money would not have been used on Attorney Fees to protect Stacy Tebo after attacking Helen Miller with the Gang of Thugs in Kangaroo Court; if the money would not have been used to protect Tebo against Anita Rivers complaint against discrimination; if Kenny Hutcherson had not been paid for over two years or more his regular salary when he was unable to work, and the Town did so against Federal Law as well as the personnel file; If the Town didn’t agree to purchase an excavator for $60,000 when we had a perfectly good backhoe with only 50 hours on it which did not fall under the definition of “Transportation” and if we did not buy our street and road guy a new pickup when he doesn’t do street and road work, every road in this Town could have been resurfaced, repaired including pavement on dirt streets.   This was Tonja’s decision along with the Gang and our CPA to use Local Option Fuel Tax Money for everything from salaries, to attorney fees and new equipment which we did not need.  Not only would have the streets and roads looked great in White Springs, but there could be a safety crosswalk across 41 to the Dollar General Store…but No, Tonja doesn’t give a damned about your safety or your children’s safety.  The only area of repair in White Springs was about $6000 and that was to repave the area in front of Spencer Lofton’s new rental and as for the rest of us we duck potholes.  Nice!!

Insofar as the Mill and Kendrick Street project, yes the grant was given but the Department of Transportation (FDOT) is having a fit knowing that the percentage which White Springs is to pay will be coming from the State Local Option Fuel Tax Money.

Tonja at the reopening of the Willy Guy Turner Park  said. “We received a grant of $100,000 from the Stephen Foster Memorial for Willie Guy in honor of his name.” But did she work on that grant?  Absolutely Not.  And if she was really concerned about that park she would have had a crossing placed on Highway 41, lighting, and most importantly she needed to fight for police protection in the area so there would not be drug paraphernalia and needles on the grounds where children are to play.  What does she, Lofton, or Bullard think?   Do something about the drug problem and safety of especially our children in White Springs.


Now everyone can tell me that the Azalea Festival was bigger and better because electricity was installed for vendors this year, but the Festival will never be as great as it was before when Tom Moore handled Special Events.  Rhett’s sister just doesn’t have it in her to be creative in my opinion and if there were 1700 it had to be repeats or if they are sticking to that I would say there would have been 2-3,000 attending the event when Tom handled the Azalea Festival. 

But most important she did say that “we now own “Bailey Ogburn Recreational Facility“.  Tonja is surely not the Town and did not do anything to acquire the recreational facility, but the Hamilton County School board transferred the Bailey F. Ogburn Recreational Facility excluding the wetlands, to the Town.  It was during Superintendent Tom Moffses Tenure and he and the school board members, of which Johnny Bullard is on the board, worked with Stacy Tebo for several months to make it happen.  We know that this transfer predominantly transpired because of Rhett Bullard’s relationship with his Cousin as well as Superintendent Moffses who thought highly of Councilwoman Miller and tried to assist Miller with children programs which Bullard and Tonja did not care about.

In her stating the People on the east/south end of Mill have a voice and she is there to listen, I say to Tonja, quit your lying ways.  I cannot believe a word you and Spencer Lofton ever say and to tell you the truth, I can’t believe any of these people fall for the fact that you have done even one little thing for White Sprigs other than boss people around.

“As far as the receipt of the grant funds to build a multi-purpose center that can be used for recreation and a shelter during a storm“.   First of all, Stacy Tebo has requested another $400,000 from Senator Montford’s office for this project.  After demolishing the Carver School to build this center of $150,000-200,000 it leaves only $450-400,000 to build a center.  And even if she receives further state money, $800-850,000 will not build a “storm” shelter. And if no money is received from the state the 400-450,000 amount will not build much of a  building.

I am not even going into the water and waste water rehabilitation situation.  She was just at a workshop and said “We also obtained a grant to rehabilitate or sewer lines”.   She really can’t understand and she surely could not read the information in her council packet. Because it was not done during Helen Miller’s tenure as mayor, and Robert Farley as Town Manager  this thing has dragged on for years with Rhett, Tonja, Willie and now Spencer not doing anything until now where it has to be done which is going to cost us, the Citizens of White Springs, 20% of the over three million plus plus dollar project instead of 5%.   You can Thank Tonja and Rhett for this because not only will your sewer and water rates increase but the loan for our portion we will have to pay for thirty (30) years in semi-annual installments.   So don’t blame anyone but Tonja and Rhett for your high costs and the fact that this project was delayed so long.

Tonja’s one statement made me laugh and it should make you laugh as well, if it would not be so sad “With the knowledge I have and the people on my side, we can do this together, we can make our town a better place to live”

Tom Moore has and will continue to make our town a better place so Vote for Tom Moore.  Anita Rivers will assist to make our town a better place so write in “Anita River’s” Name on the Ballot.


Helen Miller has and is still trying to make White Springs a better place but the Gang of Thugs and especially Spencer Lofton for whom Helen assisted continually from the time he ran for Superintendent of Schools will make snarky remarks about her and do what he can to make her life more difficult.  Thank God Miller is a stronger and better person than Lofton.  You people need to quite being jealous of intelligent women!   Where would you be Lofty if not for that intelligent wife of yours????


And hopefully if others are working for the betterment of White Springs, Walter McKenzie will stick to what is best for the people instead of playing both sides down the middle.


Karin for the blog



Oh  and this was Tonja’s Campaign brochure two years ago.  She should have been taken off the council then but no one provided us with this early enough:  How racist can she get and even on her new brochure she states she wants to help the people on the South/east side of Town, not all the people, especially White People.  So don’t vote for Tonja!

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