Complaint at the April 10th meeting regarding Signs at the Liquor Store

At the April 10th meeting there was a complaint about all the signage which can be seen from the Post office, relating to the sale of Cigarettes.

Personally I wish people would leave the Liquor Store alone.  It cost the couple who own the store some additional $40,000 to build the building in that location because of the Town and there could be worse signage out there.   It is up to the  parents to rear their children and keep them from smoking or drinking.

I am a conservative.  They say if democrats personally do not do something or do not like something, they wish everyone in the country to not do something rather than allowing people the freedom of enterprise they deserve.

Frankly, my advice is leave the man alone.  It isn’t as if he is making a fortune but it is nice that we have a liquor store in town if we need something quickly for friends who may drop by or for gifts.

When I was young, my father was best friends with a local minister who loved his drinks when he was away from his congregation.  The two were great buddies.  While my dad invited me to  parties where drinks were served, and allowed me to have Mogan David wine as a child, I never felt that I “needed” to drink alcoholic beverages, except I would occasionally have drinks with co-workers and socially.  Yet this minister friend of my dads did not expose his children to liquor but his children found his stash where it was hidden in the house and helped themselves.  Four of the Five children became alcoholics.  Therefore, it is how you raise your children that counts.  You can’t be too strict but you can introduce them to things and explain the ramifications.

Signs certainly are not bad and they make the store look festive.  This is my opinion.


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