Although each citizen has an interest in our Town affairs, it is interesting to see that the Town has better accounts payable terms than a citizen does with respect to the Sewer/Water utility.  Not only are the rates high but the invoices are sent to the citizens around the first of the month and required to be paid by the fifteenth of the month.  This means the citizen has fourteen or less days to budget and come up with the money.  If the money is not there, the Citizen’s water can be shut off and there is a charge of around $30-35.00 as a late charge and installation charge.

One of the Town’s payables pertains to our Attorney’s fees.  The prior firm Robinson, Kennon and Kendron P.A. (I am certain Mr. Koberlein gives the same options) stated their invoices generally are prepared and mailed during the month following the month in which services were rendered and costs were incurred…similar to your sewer/water bills.  The difference is that although the bill is due upon receipt even if there is a retainer, the Town agrees to pay the bill as soon as practicable and NO LATER THAN 30 days from the date it was mailed to the town.  Thereafter the billing shall bear interest on the unpaid balance at one and one-half percent per month.  Many cities charge an interest rate of approximately 1 ½%  on unpaid utilities but we charge the large fees in White Springs.

At one time at the bequest of Mrs. Johnson who needed more time to make billings, we suggested that even with credit cards there is a 30 day period in which to pay the billing. We asked the same for the Citizens of White Springs.  This is far better than only 14 days or less.   I never understood why the people of White Springs have been short-changed and many times we have had some who we trust come by and borrow some money because they could not make their bill on time.   Another reason, I believe, why the citizens never matter to its elected officials..

The one thing which I noticed is that the monthly meetings when Mr. Koberlein was with Robinson, Kennon & Kendron, P.A. were charged at a flat fee of $215.00 per month.  When Attorney Koberlein left the former’s employ and began his own firm, he gave notice at a meeting and the council had to make an immediate decision, not being given any time to consider.  Now the flat charge per monthly meeting is $247.25. We assume that Karen Hatton also charges $247.25 or $250 per meeting whether she dozes off or not.

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