Bad things happen to Good People

Bad things happen to Good People should be the motto of White Springs.


I am very disappointed in Circuit Judge Andrew J. Decker III.  It seems more and more the judges of today, the majority being liberal, have a problem really investigating and following the constitution.  We all know that Dr. Helen B. Miller only “asked” and has done a lot for White Springs’ children and citizens but the Power of Three just cannot handle a woman who is an effective leader.

Furthermore the power of three cannot be criticized because they feel they are above the law and anyone who does so, complaints to the law will follow.

The Town technically never hired Attorney Elkind to represent them but Elkind managed all the paperwork for the town because Town Attorney Karen Hatton is not that sound in going around the law.  Elkind made certain that this was an appeal and that the Town Council in acting as judge and jury gave her due process.  This is a laugh if one was at the hearing.  Tonja and Willie didn’t even know what they were voting for but listed everything as Malfeasance;  not knowing what the word meant.  I would have thought that reading the transcripts of that hearing would have definitely shown the Judge that due process was not given especially with Mayor Rhett Bullard’s bias.

There is only one statement made by Andrew J. Decker that followed the law: “The two fundamental prohibitions are that first, no branch of government may encroach on another branch’s power.  The second is that no branch may delegate its constitutionally assigned powers to another branch”   However, if the law was fair in this case and not the good ole boy 3rd judicial circuit, fault would have been found with the manner in which this case was handled by a group of biased officials who decided they would vote.  Dr. Miller out well prior to the  hearing.  In fact Ms. Tonja Brown is asking for punishment, but cannot change the charter.  There is no way Dr. Miller was guilty of Malfeasance for “asking” for help and I disagree totally with “competent evidence was shown to support the decision of the Town to remove Dr. Miller from her position as a Council Member.  There was no substantial competent evidence but the Judge will not allow Dr. Miller to be heard citing due process which was a joke.

Joe and I can definitely emulate because of what happened to us in the past.  But again a Liberal Judge decided not to really look at any evidence, especially that which concerned me, and instead blamed the whole affair on Joe’s bi-polar depression.   Therefore each the officials and we have the right to go after each other as a matter of First Amendment rights.





For those of you who were at the hearing of Dr. Miller and for those of you who were at the meeting where Kevin  Pittman was  forced to resign with no due process, It is time to stand your grounds.  It is obvious the Courts will not assist one and unfortunately for every law there is a law which debates that law and in the 3rd Judicial Circuit, they will always rule in favor of a Town rather than citizens.  It is time to take a stand and vote for Dr. Helen B. Miller to again have her council seat.   This at least can make the wrongs of the power of three right for the rest of us.


This is your time to shine and show the Power of Three that we do not like what they are doing.  We do not wish Stacy Tebo as our Town Manager and we are not happy with the  manner in which they have all spent money for improvements for legal expenses.   The East end of Mill Street doesn’t even have appropriate lighting like the rest of the town.   This idea of voting for the color of one’s skin is getting old, especially when Willie Jefferson really is “White” and he believes he is.  He has gotten more favors out of the Sheriff’s office and the Police than anyone I know and has bent the Charter in so many ways for his benefit that one cannot count them.  He even had a friend of his living in one of  White Springs’ buildings until he was caught.   And if you believe Spencer Loften will be better than he has in the past, especially with  the conversion of school food and making your children sit in military positions for a HOPE program, think again.   Just listen to him.  He has no idea what to do for the town and feels  these surveys will help.  They will not, because the Council will do what they want and even if you petition the council as you did about May Day, Rhett Bullard will ignore it and throw it in the trash.

So it is time you fought for what is right.   Dr. Miller has done a lot for you and your families and I believe you owe her the respect of your vote.

There should really be term limits in our Charter, but I must say, our longest standing council member, Walter McKenzie, for the first time has a fire under him.  He is actually fighting for our rights so we need him re-elected.

And Arthur Natteal is a wonderful man who I believe will choose God before corruption so one should consider voting for Arthur as well.

We need to break the Power of Three….and by doing so, we the citizens again will have the power we should have had all along.


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