Your votes for Anita Rivers may have just saved White Springs

We the people of White Springs are elated that with Tom Moore being elected to the White Springs Town Council, not only do we have an honest law abiding councilor, but one who really cares about White Springs which is obvious with the many things he has done to make White Springs a better place.


Now many of us hoped that Anita Rivers would have won as well, but her 28 votes by those who wished a Better White Springs without Corruption, saved us from further corruption from those who follow Rhett Bullard.   Just think of it in this manner, 28 fine people voted for Tom Moore who is more than deserving to serve the people of White Springs, while writing in Anita Rivers’ name.  We know Rhett Bullard probably spent a tremendous amount of money and effort to have his two cronies, Tonja Brown and Arthur Natteal win the election.  Although Tonja won, let’s talk about those 28 votes and Rhett Bullard’s plan.


If Anita River’s name had not been written in by 28 voters, Arthur Natteal would have had 98 votes, three more than Tonja Brown, but then Tom Moore possibly  would not have won, which was Rhett Bullard and his cronies plan.  I do not understand why the people of White Springs do not realize that those who accepted bribes or who accepted threats to vote for Natteal and Brown don’t realize that they would be placing White Springs in Jeopardy.  Again thank you White Springs voters for believing in a better White Springs and for writing in our little Warrior, Anita Rivers.   Your votes for Tom Moore and Anita Rivers saved White Springs from further peril and we hope that the bulk of those who did not feel the need to end Corruption will realize that keeping a “Gang of Thugs” who are ignorant and do not wish to serve you or me is morally wrong.  White Springs would go bankrupt.


Thank you Thank you for your votes.  White Springs now has a chance to prosper and have the wrongs fixed.


Anita you are an amazing lady who received so many votes without which, the “Gang of Thugs” would have remained in power, in my opinion.  Without those believing in you and not taking Rhett Bullard’s bribes, there would not be a chance to fix the wrongs of White Springs.  We love you Ms. Anita!
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  1. Although I am very disappointed that Anita did not win, I am thrilled that Tom did!!! I think that someone will be looking for moving boxes very soon 🙂

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