An Add on by Karin to Joe’s Elections have Consequences

Yes elections have consequences as Joe said, but in White Springs, I don’t think it matters whether you are a Democrat, an Independent or a Republican.  It matters only what color your skin is.  The sad part is even if you have the right color of skin, if you are intelligent, especially if you are a woman, if you speak your mind if you believe something is wrong and if you prosper by working hard, you will find many become jealous of you.  Now we know the people of White Springs have had the same opportunities as everyone else, but they have chosen their life.  They have made their decisions on their own and are where they are today because of those decisions.  No one is to blame but themselves for their situation should they be unhappy.

The only difficulty I saw in Joe’s theory, which is correct for most Democrats, is the fact that Tom Moore is such a good man and has done so much for the Town of White Springs.  He has been on more than one committee, has supported the Veterans Park and he works with children in White Springs and daily at the boy’s ranch.  He doesn’t care about the color of one’s skin, so what on earth could those running against him say about him unless they falsified statements against him.   Now we know Natteal was a false prophet and frankly those who profess their religion constantly are the ones which I watch closely, because most of the time if they perceive themselves to be so holier than thou art, they usually are not.

I remember when we were attempting to secure a CPA for the Town of White Springs.  Tom Moore was on the committee to secure information on various firms for the Town.  When he came up to report on his findings, Rhett Bullard didn’t even allow him to continue or to plea his case but dismissed him as though anything Tom Moore had to say was unimportant.  Knowing how hard Tom Moore works on everything he is assigned to, that was a low blow, even those some of us thought Ken Daniels would be great because he even works for the County.  However, since that time, we find that had Rhett allowed Tom to have plead his case, we may have learned that the research Tom did would have not placed us in the precarious position we are today because I do not believe Ken Daniels has given us the best advice.  And, now knowing that Rhett Bullard chose him because he was a friend, is a big mistake because the LOFT fund situation is not good.  And we have the potholes and cracks to prove it.  In any event, it makes me sick that Rhett would dismiss a designated committee member’s research but of course like Spencer Lofton, Rhett knows it all.

The jealousy I spoke of above seems to pertain to strong women like Anita Rivers and Helen Miller.  Let’s face it, once the Thugs realized that Anita Rivers may be written in by a large group of people, they had to go on the attack.  They lied and stated that she would not have an opportunity because the votes would be discounted.  But that was not the case.  And I know that if they would not have disparaged her, she would have received more votes than the 28 but I am so thankful to those voters who stood up for a Better White Springs.  For those of you who disparaged Anita, it is time you got over your jealousies of this fine young woman.  You have and had many chances in life to excel as well, to get a good education, to achieve prosperity in your life and you did not do it obviously.  So why on earth would you not be happy for a young woman and her husband who work hard each day to support their lifestyle and their family.  She is the type of person we need on the council because she will treat everyone fairly and with respect.

I was a Kennedy Democrat as were my parents.  And in the Midwest, there were never racist problems that I knew of.  Everyone was equal and everyone had opportunities with no segregation. My dad to his dying day felt Obama was the savior of the Country, but unfortunately that proved to be a false observation.  Yes and my Dad was Caucasian. Yet, let’s face it, the Democratic Party is the party of Slavery and Control through welfare and freebies of no consequence.  In fact, outside of White Springs, most people realize that the Democrats love big government and a welfare state so that people can be controlled, whereas after I was in business for several years, I realized I wished a smaller government, and a free market where all can thrive.  That is why I became a republican.  I may not agree with every Republican idea but I am a Trump Deplorable because he like me was a Democrat and realized that change was needed.  Bill Clinton spoke like a Republican with many Trump ideas, but alas, he never completed the projects he spoke about, probably because of Hillary. And he was the last Democrat I voted for.

Nevertheless, outside of politics, it does not matter what party you believe in.  I just hope that White Springs realizes that the color of one’s skin or if one is a relative of yours, even though they haven’t a brain to work with or assist the town, or if a white man is a lawyer, you feel he has some power and you are so happy that he buys you beers, hard liquor and possibly shares some illegal drugs, SHOULD NOT BE THE REASON TO VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE.  At least consider your children’s future.  Show your children that success can be achieved through education and hard work.  Attitude equals altitude and fortunately Tom Moore has the greatest attitude of anyone I know and I am so relieved and thankful that he will be representing and serving White Springs.  As an educated man, there will be no future embarrassing issues as we have had with Spencer Lofton as mayor.  Unfortunately for our Town, Spencer Lofton was allowed to represent us and he made us look like fools. We now have three councilors who will fight for the people instead of three thugs who didn’t care about the people but only fulfilled their egos and their pockets.

May God Bless America and specifically White Springs.  The job these councilors have to correct the wrongs is going to be mighty difficult but I have faith in all of them.


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