A comment regarding Ivan Udell and Shitty Hall from Mr. Brazil

We need more facts on this matter i would love to talk with Mr.Udell myself. I would like to get his side of this and see if there is something i can help with. We need new people on this council ones who care about this town ones who will work to clean it up make it the way it should be a town that is United no matter the color of your skin we all should be given the chance to try and make this town better bring the businesses in generate more Revenue for the town so we can spend more to fix our roads give our children a safe place to play ans have a safety crosswalk to stop traffic for them to get back and forth from the park we need new ideas not the same old dog an pony show everyday an every meeting we need more citizens to attend meetings make your voice heard stop standing in the shadows come to the light an lets change our town together.


Karin’s Comment:

Thomas Brazil for Town Councilor in 2019

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