Stand up Citizen speaks out on Lofton’s address

  1. The question is why is Lofton’s address different from the house he lives in? Why does it show 10481 first street when he lives on Suwannee street. Does his driver’s license match his current residence? You have 30 days by law to change your license to the place you live unless you have a p.o. box. So he is voting under a false address this sounds like a crime to me.

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Interesting his wife has the correct address; of course Lofton signed some paperwork stipulating no information could be placed on voter rolls due to his being in the service.  If you were in the service after 911.  I guess you could take your information off the voter rolls.  So even though he has been eliminated from the votor roles, the White Springs Petition required him to put in an address.  What a deal.   Nevertheless, Lofton knows how to take every advantage because he and only believes how important he is.  Nevertheless he never provided a DD214 and it’s still a wonder whether he was discharged honorably.  Staff Sargent for that many years doing junk janitorial jobs AND putting on events of some sort, doesn’t say much for him but in White Springs they seem to believe in his  BS


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