The RHATT Pack Watch Day 360

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 360


Today is Saturday, April 20th, Day 360 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Calls have been pouring into the “Watch” since the Ratt’s last and final Council Meeting requesting that the “Watch” arrange an interview with the Ratt.  The “Watch” reached out and was surprised by a rapid and positive response.  As you are well aware, during his time in Power as head of the RHATT Pack and a Council Member, the Ratt devoted the vast majority of his time to White Springs and its destruction.  What a Guy!!


Initially the Ratt was concerned that his pedophilia activities or drug use was attracting the attention of law enforcement so he decided on a strategy to get law enforcement out of his life.  It was simple, he would destroy the White Springs Police Department.   A threat here and there and He and the “Cousins” had nothing to worry about.  The Department was neutered.


Feeling emboldened, the Ratt sought to reap the rewards that come with absolute power.  First he arranged to embezzle nearly $200,000 which was spread among the “Cousins” and then he gave the Town’s shiny new Red Emergency Vehicle and Town credit cards to his “Boy Toy” “Cousin”Andrew.   He could feel the power surging through his veins and this empowered him even more.   The Ratt had been consumed with petty envy and jealousy because of the successes the previous Mayor had and he decided to try to destroy the Mayor and undo or destroy everything the previous Mayor had accomplished.  It turned out to be a fruitless endeavor.  However, the Ratt pointed out that he was extremely proud of what he had done to White Springs.


Next the “Watch” moved on to what the Ratt planned for the future.  The Ratt emphatically stated “that” he would be available if needed”.  Apparently, as busy as the Ratt plans to be, he’s willing to take time out to return and help destroy something, anything else, in White Springs.  However, the Ratt thought about the opportunities at Hamilton County Chamber, the Hamilton County Development (read: Nepotism) Authority, Dixie County, the Democratic Party of Florida and one of his favorites, the City of Jasper.  Based upon his recent destruction successes in the City of Jasper, it appears the Ratt wants to focus his time and attention on its total destruction.


My gosh, the “Watch” was surprised by how much the Ratt was enthralled with the prospect of Jasper’s complete destruction.   As you know, the Ratt has been the City Attorney for the City of Jasper.  He indicated, he now had almost unlimited time to devote to his new endeavor in Jasper.  You may recall last year’s incident between the “Gun Totting” City Manager and the City Clerk.  For the Ratt, this represents an opportunity tantamount to winning the Noble Prize.  You know, destruction takes some effort.  So the Ratt began by advising a Fake Investigation of this incident.  Failing there, he suggested and urged terminating the City Manager.  Obviously this did not go unnoticed by the City Manager, so he sued the City.


Not to be phased by this development, the Ratt again suggested and urged terminating the City Clerk.  Here again, this action did not go unnoticed.  The Former City Clerk filed a law suit against the City.  However, the Ratt decided against informing the City Council about both lawsuits.  Besides, the Ratt was too busy studying Jasper’s infrastructure so he could decide on the best way to begin its destruction.  Of course, neglecting the lawsuits has caused its problems as the Ratt had hoped.  Now the Ratt has the time to focus as much of his attention as required to achieve the complete destruction of the Jasper Police, Fire, Water and Sewer and Roads and Streets Departments and More.

Jasper, you have the sympathy of all of the residents of White Springs!!!

Ask Supervisor of Elections, Hutto (386) 792-1426 to be present at the voting place to prevent the Ratt and “Cousins” from changing your votes.   Vote “NO” for the Charter Changes.  Elect Tom Moore and Write-In Anita Rivers, and Reject Mindless Tanja and Sideshow Guy Natteal.  It’s Day 360 and the Red-face Ratt’s not running.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!!

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