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JUST IN: Mike Pence’s Wife Steps Forward… Serious Allegation

This is shocking.

Read the details…

Happening Right Now
Supreme Court considering whether to take up religious freedom cases »
Supreme Court considering whether to take up religious freedom casesAn Oregon couple who were fined $135,000 for refusing to make a cake for the marriage of two women have asked the justices to take their case. If the court does so, the new conservative majority could significantly change the law on religious liberty and LGBTQ rights. The justices could announce as early as Monday whether they will hear the case. More »


BREAKING: Obama COLLAPSE News – Millions Stunned

The media can’t believe it.

Read the details…

Ilhan Omar’s Sick Terrorist Confession Exposed – FBI’s Shock Comey Announcement – Ivanka Trump Attacked

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BREAKING: Criminal Charges FILED


Read the details…

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

The Latest Headlines…
Keep Your Blood Sugar Below 100 Or Else!Hillary’s Hired Help Literally Called Server Work the “Hillary Cover Up Operation” in Newly-Discovered FBI Docs

Univision Host Suggest Border Patrol Agents Should Learn to Dodge Hurled Rocks

Burger King Apologizes for Chopsticks Ad Described as “Racist”

Despicable Muslim Congresswoman Calls Jewish Trump Adviser a “White

Nationalist”Ancient Gold Discovery Has Investors Going All In!

Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are talking about working together on an infrastructure package and have plans to meet to discuss the project, AP reports.

Pelosi reached out to the president last week in the first phone call the two have had since the government shutdown earlier this year. She said they were trying diligently to find areas of “common ground.”

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Infrastructure is the kind of initiative that could benefit both of them as they head toward the 2020 campaign season. They could change the subject from ongoing investigations that pose risks for both parties, and could show voters they can deliver with building projects that improve communities and create jobs even at a time of divided government, with Democrats controlling the House and Republicans controlling the Senate.

After her talk with Trump, Pelosi said she believed the president may be willing to do more than he’s put on the table. Trump’s latest budget proposed $200 billion in federal dollars that could be leveraged with private capital to cover the difference. The House speaker said she didn’t think Trump was “wedded to that proposal” because it was “too small.”

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Breaking News from Wired Conservative


The man behind one of the world’s richest silver mines (a 24-for-one winner) just made another discovery. And this one looks to be much, much larger.

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BREAKING: New Mueller Investigation Launched – Its HAPPENING

This is huge.

Read the details…




Ilhan Omar’s Sick Terrorist Confession – Caught Red-Handed

Shock FBI Announcement: James Comey Has Been…

Ivanka Has Been Attacked… Donald Trump Informed

Trump Did It: Major Promise That He Kept Stuns Media

Ilhan Omar Makes Tragic Mistake… This Will Ruin Her

He’s Been Arrested In D.C. – It’s Finally Over

BREAKING: He’s Dead…

Absolutely tragic.

Read the details…

Breaking News…

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Trump MOCKS Our Refugee Program In Most BRUTAL Way Possible

Mexican Trump Supporter Assaulted by PSYCHOTIC, UNHINGED Liberal…

CRAZY Stacey Abrams Claims She Won Her Election, She Lost By OVER 50,000 VOTES!

Creepy Joe Replies To Trump’s Mega Bomb On Twitter And It’s So Weak It’s Sad

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JUST IN – Accident Confirmed – Hillary Clinton Reportedly…

It doesn’t look good for her.

Read the details…

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Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump declared on Twitter that “everybody” now acknowledges that he was right about the crisis at the nation’s border and that the problems are now “being fixed.”

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“Everybody is now acknowledging that, right from the time I announced my run for President, I was 100% correct on the Border,” Trump tweeted late Tuesday.  “Remember the heat I took? Democrats should now get rid of the loopholes. The Border is being fixed. Mexico will not let people through!”

The tweet came after he told reporters earlier in the day that he is fighting “bad laws” on immigration, and that “we have to close up the borders.” More than 66,000 people were apprehended in February after they came across the border, marking a 38 percent increase from January.

Trump also said he doesn’t plan to reinstate a policy leading to separation of thousands of migrant children from their families while blaming former President Barack Obama for starting the practice.

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Read the details…

Read the details…

Read the details…

Top Democrat Calls Police ‘Blue Klux Klan’ – Millions Furious

Ocasio-Cortez Receives Horrific Blow… She Won’t Recover

It’s Official: Beto Is Not Running…

Trump Wins Historic Victory… I Can’t Believe My Eyes

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

The Latest Headlines…
Add This To Your Dog Food For Better HealthTrump Rips Deep State, Calls Perpetrators of Russia Witch Hunt Treasonous

Liberal Media Still Disgracefully Embracing “Collusion Delusion”

Liberals Are So Classy: Hillary Clinton Aide Mocks Mitch McConnell for Childhood Polio Injury

Swedish Family Flees to Poland After State Tries to Place His Daughters with Muslim Foster Parents

Oncologists Discover True Cause Of Cancer


Breaking News…

National Anthem Flag Loving Christians will Want to Wear this Hoodie this Fall! (sponsor)

Crazed Bernie Supporter Brutally Attacks Elderly Trump Supporter, Instantly Regrets It

The Trump Unity Bridge Is On It’s Tour, Here’s Where You Can See It

Border crisis: ‘Our republic is on the brink,’ says Tom Fitton

CNN Just Had To Find A Way To Bash Trump When Joe Biden Allegations Started To Arise

[Yes or No] Wearing a Trump MAGA Hat in Public is Controversial (sponsor)

JUST IN: 24 People Gunned Down – Manhunt Launched

Please pray.

Read the details…

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BREAKING: OUT For 2020 – Beto Decides Not To…

Game over.

Read the details…

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BREAKING: Donald Trump Says “NO” – He’s Done

This is the end.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Ruth Ginsburg Death Announcement – Rumors Are…

The media is going NUTS.

Read the details…

Breaking news from Wired Conservative

The Latest Headlines…
Trump Battles With Sean Hannity LIVE!Trump’s DHS Releases 17,000 Illegals into the US in Just 2 Days

Identical Twins Both Ordered to Pay Child Support After Inconclusive Paternity Test

Trump Approval Rating Among Hispanics Nears 50%

Trump 2020 Trailer – There’s Only One Choice (Video)

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Ocasio-Cortez Removal Notice – She Never Saw This Coming

Muslim Congresswoman Caught Doing The Unthinkable – I Knew It

Famous Liberal Pleads Guilty To Fraud – Career Ruined

Nancy Pelosi Ends It – Democrats Are Stunned

Tucker Carlson Said The Unthinkable On-Air: Video

The Judge Just Ruled… Trump Is Smiling From Ear To Ear

Happening Right Now
Trump fires Nielsen, wants ‘tougher’ border security policy »
Trump fires Nielsen, wants 'tougher' border security policyAfter more than two years of trumpeting draconian policies that by his own measure have failed to deter U.S. immigration, President Donald Trump now says he wants to take an even “tougher” tack on border security policy. More »
Breaking News…

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AWFUL! Mitch McConnell Refutes Trump AGAIN & This Time It’s About The Border

Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Radical doesn’t mean crazy’

500 million FB users identities breached

Smollett refuses to reimburse the City of Chicago

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BREAKING: Ocasio-Cortez DONE – Struck With Fatal Blow

Game changer.

Read the details…

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