Joe Attends a Mixer for UCF Chemistry alumni

We had a blast at the University of Central Florida in Orlando this weekend. The Mixer was for  Chemistry’ Graduate alumni and with Joe having been the second graduate for UCF (Then known as Florida Technological University or p/k/a FTU), before attending Flight Training in Pensacola, Florida.


When Joe attended FTU 48 years ago, there were only four buildings on the FTU/UCF campus. Now UCF is a huge complex with a Student Population of 67,000 and a multiple list of degree programs.  And what about that Football team?


Everyone seemed interested in Joe’s assessment of how UCF’s Chemistry Program started from such humble beginnings and he and I were given special treatment by being able to tour not only the old Chemistry lab building but the new Complex where one of the Young Professors took us to the Lab and he and Joe were able to compare notes on the equipment. His Dean of Men, Proctor, moved on to Flagler, and one of his professors, just passed away in this last month.  But the fond memories will always remain.


As a side note to those People of White Springs who have besmirched his name so well.  When the Jasper News worked for the town and there was so much Hate for Joe, most military people said they would have believed Joe’s story since he was a Lieutenant in the Navy and others suffered his plight regarding rewards.  He was not the only veteran where somehow information and rewards were removed or were taken away.  Yet in this scenario, because the Town could not afford Joe winning an election, the officials, the staff, the police as well as the Jasper News Reporter and Town Attorney stated Joe lied because FTU did not show him as a graduate.  That lie in the Newspaper, TV and on the internet caused military people to believe he lied about everything.  It didn’t matter that I found the diploma after the fact or that what Joe was stating was the absolute truth.  It did not matter to many in White Springs.  They never knew Joe but listened to all of the Town People who made Joe their scapegoat, lying in most cases about him and fabricating stories about how horrible he was.


But even though so many of you call him names and a racist, we understand it is just Town Officials and certain people who believe all these lies.  Wherever we go, all people are great to us and don’t have a specific agenda against us for no reason.


Let’s face it, the majority of these people who bash us regularly are officials of the Town or those who live in White Springs who believe what Town Staff tell them even though it’s just a bunch of lies.  Yet many of these people are lucky to have a GED whereas my husband has the following Degrees besides his Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at FTU/UCF.  And like the “ Watch” inferred, from a psychological premises, most of these people do not wish to hear the truth and are incapable of handling the Truth because they do not know that they are limited in any understanding because of their lack of education.


Joe has a Masters of Arts in the School of Education at Pepperdine, University; A Masters of Divinity at Southern Christian University; A Masters with the American College as a Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant; An Associate in Science as a Legal Assistant through Santa Fe College and attended Penn Foster Career School as a Legal Secretary.  And he was not always a Trucker as White Springs labels him but after his years in the Navy, he was a Captain in the Army Reserves; a Stockbroker with Stocks and Bonds, Commodities and Index Funds and was the Top Annuity Salesperson for Hancock.  His father was in the Military until retirement, so Joe was not raised with prejudice as some in White Springs call him a Racist.   It is just White Springs who believes the worst in people and it is sad indeed.  That is why we love to be out of Town to understand that there is only one place who treats Joe in this manner and unfortunately it is the Town in which we reside.


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