Why Joe felt he would have made a good Town Manager even on a Temporary Basis


B.S Chemistry (December 1970)

M.A. Education (September 1977)

M of Divinity (June 1985)

M.A. Aeronautical Studies (1971)

A.A. Legal Assisting

Post Graduate Degrees in:

            Financial Planning

            Risk Analysis

}  President of Fraternity in Undergraduate work.

}  Graduated with Honors in M.A. in Education Work

}  Completed Flight School in Aeronautical Studies

}  Top Annuity salesman in Nation for John Hancock.

}  Salesman of the Month and Year

}  College Level training in computer software by Microsoft.


Jet Pilot, Helicopter Pilot. Division Officer, Officer in Charge.  U.S. Navy Lt./ Army Reserves Truck Driver, Maintenance Supervision at Ductal Steel FOUNDRY, Stockbroker, Insurance sales Representative, MDRT, CLU, ChFC Salesman for Copy Machines and Typesetting Machines, Billboard Salesman. Familiar with Sewer and Water System rules and regulations.


Typing 30 WPM, Budget Drafting and Following, Grant Writing Skills, Strong Leadership skills, Honest, Lives with integrity. Know MO 98-01 fully. Knows Municipal Ordnances and State Laws, Computer Skills, Willing to Learn, Operate all Office machines.


Financially secure (willing to work for less money), strongly civic minded, Veteran, Medical through VA, Town Resident for 18 years (available for any emergency).


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