Why I believe a vote for Tom Moore is a vote for the Citizens of White Springs

Although the RHATT Pack Watch listed many attributes of Tom Moore, there are so very special memories I have of both Tom and his lovely wife Maddie.
I remember when Tom and Madeline were involved not only with Stephen Foster’s Citizen Support Group but also with the Special Events Group for the Azalea Festival.  Although Paige Bullard said there were 1,700 people who attended the festival, and it included 28 vendors, I have difficulty believing it was a success. You might ask why especially since I did not attend but only did a drive by.


When Tom led the Special Events Committee, it felt like there was a community.  It was held at the Eco Center and across from the Adams Country Store.  There was dancing and camaraderie among those who lived in White Springs.  It was a time to meet your neighbor, it was a time to purchase the best of the Azaleas, it was a time where an attack was not taken against the Hardware Store Swap Meet event, a time where people sat and listened to bands, a time where children were involved in pageantry and there were vendors from White Springs providing various delightful entries to eat.   One could tell there were thousands of people and many congregated behind the Adams Store as well, everyone enjoying the company of those they do not see on an every day basis.


Tom Moore made everyone feel as if they were special and if you asked for a specific item, it would save it for you until you purchased it and the volunteers would load it into your car.  What happened?   In my opinion, the festival went down when Tom Moore no longer was involved with Special Events and Paige Bullard took over the event. .


Madeline was the first to introduce the “Taste of White Springs” and it was fabulous.  In fact, the food was fantastic, some of which was prepared Chef Art Smith.   In fact Tom Moore went door to door to sell the very reasonable $5.00 per person ticket to assure everyone felt as though they were welcome, no matter who you were.


I also had the pleasure of working with Madeline and Tom at the CSO, the year I was allowed to provide some of the food for their annual event. Where others, like Mary Lou Bullard ignored me like the plague, Madeline made certain that others knew I was there to assist.  There wasn’t a time when I didn’t see Tom helping in any and every capacity.   Tom made White Springs better and allowed everyone to feel as though they were important and I feel that he will accomplish the same with the Citizens of White Springs once he is voted in on the Town Council.
He has done so much for the Town in the way of helping develop the Veterans park, taking his own time to mow the grass and keep everything up. Because of Tom we now have a Gazebo in the Park and he hopes to have a listing of all the veterans of White Springs and has requested the Town’s help in the next budget.  Tom also fought back when the Town spent money from the Special Events Fund without asking and we understand under his leadership, the Special Events Committee was able to retain a sizable account from its profits before the Town took it over; some say it was almost $40,000.    In fact the Special Events Committee under his leadership purchased gear for the Fire Department and set up a fund at the hardware store to support the Fire Department.
  He also brought in the money, volunteers and grants so that White Springs would have a tennis court and he has done so much in teaching the Children the art of Tennis.  You could see his pride, as well as the pride of some of his students at the last campaign.


He is a good man that places others interests before his own and that is what we need for White Springs.  While many made me feel unwelcome here, Tom Moore did his best to welcome everyone.  That is the type of person we need in White Springs.  It is time to have an honest and transparent OFFICIAL WHO WILL GET THINGS DONE AND END THE “GANG OF THUGS” MENTALITY.

Now many of these fake politicians we have elected will tell you they are listening to what you may want but Tom Moore not only listens but he will hear you and do something about it.


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