What I found in the Minutes of the Budget Workshop Minutes of August 10, 2015

This is in addition to the previous information on the blog relating to the emergency SUV vehicle and it solidifies Councilwoman Miller’s letter that it was the Town’s intent to purchase a new pickup truck for Andrew Greene.

As background, Andrew Greene landed in the hospital in Gainesville most likely because of his blackouts and he met the love of his life, Dominique, a nurse.  Because he wanted to move to be with his love, he needed a vehicle which would take him back and forth to Gainesville . Pam Tomlinson and Shirley Heath were oohing and aahhing about how wonderful it was for Andrew Greene to finally find the Love of his life and were already planning not only to provide him with the pickup truck but to pay for all fuel and maintenance, like he was benefited with the emergency vehicle.


The August 10, 2015 Budget Workshop Minutes stated the following about Andrew’s truck:

“Sewer operations have budgeted $5,700 for the purchase of a new vehicle to replace the Ford Ranger that Andrew Drives.  In water and sewer operations Andrew was able to have several thousands waived by doing some research and submitting documents on annual permitting fees”

“The vehicle Andrew is looking at will be purchased through a state contract lease with Roundtree-Moore.  The Town will make 5 annual payments of $5,662.27 for the 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 crew cab 4WD with factory towing package, spray-in bed liner and the 4 corner strobe lights required by DOT.  At the end of the 5 years, the Town will pay $1 to own it.


What I found interesting is that Bob Farley when he was Town Manager said that the water Tower, under the original contract, stipulated that the contractor would clean and paint the tank for one time which would save the Town, I believe some $25,000. And for some reason the new tower had not been maintained in the time frame and the contract would allow it.  Yet in the workshop minutes with Shirley Heath as the Interim Manager, the workshop minutes stated “Both water towers were painted two years ago under a contract which we pay so much a year for continuous maintenance.  I remember Farley was extremely proud of his find, so I’m confused about the statement.

Even before Stacy Tebo was hired, the Town Manager salary was budgeted for $55,000 “and it was budgeted at the highest rate of pay in case the new manager is hired at that rate. ”  Now I know why Rhett Bullard made the offer.

At that time  “The Enterprise account is budgeted for $33,000 for the SRF loan payments and $45,000 for the USDA loan.  $69,288 will be transferred to the General Account.  $46,444 will be transferred for capital improvements for any repairs that may need to be done on the sewer lines from the camera study recently completed (AS YOU KNOW, IF THEY DID TRANSFER THE MONEY, IT IS GONE, AND WE ARE JUST STARTING OVER WITH LOANS TO PAY OUR PORTION OF THIS AS OF 2019.  NICE!!!)


At the time of the Workshop, we owed $8,729 on the backhoe….yet even though only some 50 hours were used and some of which was from hiring Kenny Hutcherson for private work at $75 per hour, we needed an Excavator that doesn’t seem to be as efficient as the Backhoe when Hutcherson operated it prior to his illness.  And the Excavator is a digger and does not belong under LOFT funds.

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