I don’t want people to think we forgot about our newest WSPD Officer Brandon Marsh.  for those of that don’t know this is a man who’s career is going in the wrong the diretion because how else do you end up at WSPD after working for Suwannee County and FDOC.  nobody in the history of law enforcement has ever dreamed of growing up going to the Police Academy and then becaming a WSPD Officer.  the normal career path of a WSPD Officer looks like this while it’s not a actual mantory requirement listed it should be. most applicants find their way to WSPD only after being fired or ran off from at least 1,2, maybe 3 better departments.  And sometimes WSPD gets real lucky and they get an exceptional candidate for example the only person who was an Iranian Hostage who didn’t get a medal or a DUI and or Battery charge in another county  When these outstanding Officers showup their immediately but in management jobs like Lt. or Chief, because why not it White Springs. I mean it’s not like they got a lot to chose from or better applicants right?  So based on WSPD normal highing pratices and the recent departure of Lt. Meeks it would apprear that Brandon Marsh will probably be LT. before his probationary period is up (maybe even by this friday).  and he’s only one mugshot or scandal away from being the next Chief should Tracy retire.

So can well give Officer Brandon Marsh a big welcome and congratulations on being on the fast track for a management and leadership position at the WSPD.


  1. seen officer marsh on a youtube video where divers found a stolen gun and released a gator! What a great guy! encounters with officers are stressful no matter what side of the law youre on. how he handles himself with people is phenomenal.

    1. I just watched that YouTube and decided to do a google search on the officer Brandon Marsh just because he seem so normal lol by that I mean the officers where I’m from is very very different. It’s really cool that he’s still himself and knows he’s only human just like we are

  2. He’s a wonderful person by heart he’s nice and funny he deserves a bigggg raise for sure big time!!!! 😁👍🏽

  3. this guy was very kind and a entertainer! haha! I saw him in youtube wherein jake blogger divers found a gun.. a stolen gun.he was nice and fun!

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