This is a story about two of the worst crooks I’ve ever known and they are both attorneys. They use their attorney status to bring havoc to their worlds and to get special favors for themselves. They only have friends because of the fact that they are attorneys and reportedly are smarter than others. They are not. In fact, I believe that they are scumbags of the highest order.

Karen Hatton: When I met her she was on a career path with the Third Judicial Circuits States Attorney’s Office. She had worked there for 16 years. She could have retired in four years. While I don’t know where she got her law degree, from a criminal defense attorney that I know called her one of the brightest attorneys in the Third Judicial Circuit States Attorney Office. What she tried to do to us was a travesty of Justice.

In direct opposition of U.S. vs. Alverez she tried to get me convicted of a crime that the Supreme Court of the U.S. had already ruled was perfectly legal. Yes my wife put my medals from the military in my job application for Town Manager. I lost those medals when I ran up against my Commanding Officer who hated War Heroes. To say we didn’t get along would be an understatement. One day driving across the Golden Gate Bridge he said to me “You war heroes all alike.” To answer him I said “If you would treat me and my division fairly I’d give up all of these medals” He said “Prove it” I stopped the car I was driving, got out and threw my ribbons off the bridge.

He filed a letter with the Chief of Naval Operations that I purposely renounced my awards and then he fired me. So much for him keeping his word. That was my sin according to Hatton. I didn’t have the medals anymore and when Karin, my wife, attached them to my job application she said I had fraudulently attempted to secure a job using ill gotten medals. Five Felony counts.

We fought that for two some odd years. Hatton had lots of help from the town professional (sic) staff including the chief of police Tracy Rodequinez and the council members of the town council. They really hated me as they do today, players change but the hatred never does. When Hatton got moved from prosecuting felonies to Child crimes and then got fired for, what we believe is my illegal prosecution, she learned to hate me more.

And where did that hatred by the town staff come from you may ask? From 2000 until 2010 I did file pro se, meaning without a lawyer, 19 legal actions against the town in Circuit Court and County Court here in Hamilton County. The suits were about Public Records violations, Zoning Code violations, Sunshine Law violations and state ethics law violations. That’s it. I was fighting for Open Government and nothing else. But I did it myself and paid the price because I was up against two real attorneys, Thomas Kennon and then Fred Koberlein. I was in a fight and I didn’t know what the rules were. I lost all 19 suits save one. And perhaps I should have. I believed that Justice wins in the court system. Well not in Hamilton County and the Town of White Springs as I learned too well.

Well, Karin, my wife, put the medal certificates in my job application and I was charged by Ms. Hatton for five felony counts. Long story short she lost her job because of her actions against me. I paid not only for my costs but the town’s costs a well, some $40,000.

Now to the present day. Even though the town had the satisfaction of judgments against me, we know this because Townsend was there when I turned in the money or Pam signed the release, the town recently came after me for $6500 that they said I hadn’t paid. They started their hunt in 2017, some 8 years after the last suit was filed and some 18 years after the first suit was filed. Needless to say when I produced paperwork, thanks to my bride Karin, that had Pam’s signature on them or the Sheriff’s signature on them, all notarized, the town dropped its extortion request.

This is where Rhett Bullard comes in. In 2017, when the latest extortion attempt started Rhett was the Mayor and chief operating officer of the town. Nothing happened in Town Government that he personally didn’t sign off on. We firmly believe that he is the one who gave the “go ahead” to attempt to recover monies that had already been paid, twice as the history will show. But that’s another extortion attempt perpetrated by the town and Fred Koberlein and might be carried on this blog another day. The second payment by us cost the town near $5000 in fees on the town credit card. Another story, another day. They tried to extort us for something that had already been paid. This time is the second time. Extortion seems to be his stock in trade in violation of the Ethics Rules of the Florida Bar Association.

Rumor has it that Rhett is a pedophile and is well known to be an all around scumbag. He is a scumbag of the highest order. It is well known that Rhett hates my guts because I and Karin, my bride, continually point out the law to the Town council and especially when Rhett misquotes the law or chooses to ignore the law. When Koberlein quit because the corruption got too much for him, according to his own words, the Town advertised for a new attorney. NO ONE APPLIED. After two or three months Rhett had this brilliant idea to seek out Karen Hatton, whose struggling new civil and criminal practice in Mayo for god’s sake, was not doing so well. Hatton became town attorney by default. The council never once asked why no other attorney applied. It couldn’t have been the corruption of the town staff and the Council could it be? Or was it because no other attorney in the Third Judicial Circuit likes Rhett and knows, by my opinion, what a fraud he is?

So the plan was hatched to go after me for money that had already been paid. It is really stupid because one of the three suits they went after me for had the Satisfaction of Judgment attached to the paper that the Collection agency sent me. The other two had the Sheriff’s signature that I had paid the money. But Rhett and Karen didn’t care. They were out to extort me, coupled with that brain of a Town Clerk Pam and her boss Stacy. Just so we are clear, the court cases were 2000-CA-000329 (meaning it was filed in 2000), 2003-CA-000397, 2010-CA 000118 and (they didn’t go after me for this one but they should have) 2003-CA-000056. The Collection Agency they chose was in Delaware for goodness sake. Isn’t there a Collection Agency closer than that? Who picked the Collection Agency? We believe it was Karen Hatton and Rhett Bullard because this particular agency prides itself on collecting some portion of the money allegedly owed. It was straight extortion I believe and it went on from 2017 until last week. We are told that they advertise in Legal Magazines of Recovery of delinquent funds. How could Pam have found such an agency? See couldn’t, she can’t even find the Florida Statutes on the Internet.

What did this cost the town? A bunch of money, you got to have money to get money. And the suit by the Collection Agency is sure to come for filing a false claim of loss..

The TWO of them made mistakes that a three year old wouldn’t have made. First and foremost was they DIDN’T check with the Clerk of the Court or the sheriff to see whether the judgments had been satisfied. Before I go after someone, I check to make sure I am correct in my belief that they have wronged me. These two brains NEVER DID THAT. What fool’s. Karin, my bride took 15 minutes to find the satisfaction of judgments in her files. These idiots took two years and came up with the wrong answer. What idiots.

These two, Karen Hatton and Rhett Bullard are two of the biggest frauds I have ever known. To prove that look at their practices. Two small town attorneys in do nothing practices who practice the law unbelievably dumbly. And they claim to be so smart. Fat Chance.

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