Unlike other Town Managers Mr. Jones doesn’t have to show up for any crisis in Town so don’t look for any help from Town Management

According to Helen, Tommie Boy was not requried to show up at last night’ water pipe breakage. Her reasoning is that he is not the Sewer and Water guy as Townsend was when he had the same thing happpen in aprximately 2005. Excuse me I thought he was the Town Manager, the BOSS of every town employee, including the Sewer and Water guy. Apparently not. Last night proves he just doesn’t care.

By that reasoning if a policeman got injured on the job Tommie Boy would not be required to go to the scene of the mishap. It makes no sense to me. Tommie Boy is either the Boss or he is not the Boss, which is it? There may be no requirement for him to have been at the water main break but he is the boss and 100% of his town was without water. Hell, I showed up for two hours and Tommie Boy never showed. All he did was call the computer guy and had him put a story on the Town Web site. Show some concern for the community? It’s not in the man who is called Tommie Boy. Not very many people read the town web site religiously so no one, probably 5% of the population in town, knew about the water problem. Even Walter found out about it by turning on his faucet and not by any published remarks. Isn’t it about time that Helen quits making excuses for bad behavior out of Tommie Boy and starts putting the community first?

Maybe she will change, doubtful, when I bring suit under Florida Statute 34  Judge Scaff should get a kick out of all the the town rules, including this one, that Tommie Boy breaks.

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  1. That is funny in my opinion. When Stacy Tebo did not remain here for the hurricane warning and Rhett Bullard took over, Mayor Miller was livid because it was Tebo’s job…but I guess a water break was not a hurricane. Mayor Miller’s favorite Town Manager was Bob Farley who she protected as much as Jones and although he was dropped from Live Oak for communication or lack there of, Live Oak was pretty upset with Farley when he did not handle the Flood matters. No Town Managers are important and are required to handle problems in their Towns…but now we know…not in White Springs. But something else is humorous. Curtis Johnson is not the sewer and water guy but he stayed the entire two hours to assure everything was going right and he is never given opportunities by the Town but he had concern that our Town Manager should have had. What’s wrong with you today Mayor Miller? Think about what you said.

  2. Just FYI Tommie showed up at the scene of the water main break, spoke To Ray Vaugh ask if anything was needed. He did not camp out there since Ray had it under control. Apparently Tommie left before you arrived. Why don’t you ask Ray Vaughn to conform. That’s right truth does not fit the narrative.

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