Town doesn’t qualify as a 501 (c)

In 2014, I received correspondence from Senator Rubio’s office. In it the Tax Payer Advocate, a federal agency, said that the IRS said “The attached case for town of White Springs resulted in full disallowance due to not qualifying as as an IRC (Internal Revenue Code) IRC 501 (c).’ If we weren’t a 501 (c) in 2012 and the rule of 501 (c) didn’t change, which it didn’t, I fail to see how we got a refund of the 2011 tax year. I told you they lied to us. Additionally the Town didn’t file it form 8941 until 6/10/13 for the 2011 tax year.

This is how Pam Tomlinson handled our finances.  The Sad part is that not being a 501 (c) means we should never have had a food program.

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