The Town took a hero (Pittman) away for a ZERO (Stith)

I agree with the “Watch” that Stacy Tebo and Rhett Bullard have done everything in their power to destroy White Springs and its infrastructure.


You need to pick up the Jasper News – Thursday – March 7, 2019.  The Article is entitled “Five Rangers Receive Lifesaver Awards” by Jamie Wachter.  We know Jessy Box would only protect Rhett Bullard and would not have brought this story forward.

Five Park Rangers were honored, Peter Shanks, Gary Erixton, Kevin Pittman, Brandy Nethery and Andrea Thomas who saved a family at the shoals.  One person was feared dead, two children were clinging to a rock and two more were stuck in a kayak afraid they would be the next to capsize after several kayaks had already capsized.

Our Former Fire Chief and Hero Kevin Pittman was called in by Peter Shanks and Andrea Thomas who was home sick also answered the call and were met by Gary Erixton. Thomas found the grandfather who was feared drowned downstream and the grandmother on the bank of an alcove beneath other rangers.  Pittman stated “The shoals were loud enough we couldn’t hear her yelling for her to answer us”.  The rescue wasn’t easy and the bank was straight down with barely room to stand in front of the woman who had a broken ankle.  Still he and Shanks managed to put some recent on-the-side rope rescue training to work in getting the grandmother up safely.  Shanks and Pittman were trained fire fighters and had served in the military.  Pittman had also been spending time working with Shanks on techniques for rope rescues and neither had ever done any rope rescues with live people but they were successful.

Still in a kayak in the river were a father and a 4 year old son that couldn’t reach out to catch the rope from the rangers due to fear of capsizing.  Erixton suggested they have the trapped kayakers try to cast their fishing line over to them.  The boy proved a good aim from what the rangers said was from the middle of the river.  He was a dead shot with the rod and reall.  Pittman said “He nailed us”.

Pick up your Jasper News because you don’t wish to miss any part of this story written by Jamie Wachter.   This is an amazing heroic save of a family in the Shoals and each more than deserved their awards from Tallahassee.

As you are aware Kevin Pittman as fire chief assisted other volunteers to achieve  their Firefighter I status.  He also saved the row building when the Pizza Place was set on fire with a coke machine electrical malfunction.  Because of Rhett and Stacy we have lost a Hero who had the interest and passion to do great things for the Town of White Springs and the citizens were blessed.  But because Rhett probably didn’t like the attention Pittman received because Pittman is a leader, he had to take him down to the detriment of White Springs.

So what do we have now.  Steve Stith a big ZERO who stood in front of Andrew Greene’s previously used Fire SUV for personal use, telling Joe Griffin and I that we could not see the odometer.  That is what we requested and when Joe spoke to Pam after the incident, she said the Town  doesn’t control what the Fire Chief does.  But Stacy Tebo dared to  control Kevin Pittman at Rhett Bullard’s request, asking a hero to work under a Zero WHO WOULDget the credit.

From what I have learned from the “Watch” the Zero and his brothel are disgusting. And that night as Stith stood in front of the driver’s door telling Joe and I that “Joe you don’t want to try and move me”.  I agreed with Joe calling him an A$$ho..   The SUV is a public vehicle, it is owned by the public whether received as a grant or otherwise which the Town had no right to Allow Andrew Greene to drive personally back and forth from Lake City; to visit the in-laws in Tampa; to go to Disney World and Bush Gardens, etc.

No White Springs, you’d better consider getting rid of Rhett Bullard and bring in some honest people.  We are tired of Stacy, Rhett, Tonja and Lofty ruining White Springs.

May God Bless Kevin Pittman and the Rangers as well as our former firefighters, some of which have gone through hell and back attempting to keep their jobs because of the lies of the Andrew Greenes.

Karin for the blog


From Your Best Friend on The Town took a hero (Pittman) away for a ZERO (Stith) [Pending]  FROM STEVE STITH BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE IT TO BE ANYTHING BUT SARCASM -KARIN

I still Love You Joe, you have a special place in my heart both you and your wife.

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    1. Then why dont you step down as Fire Chief. Just do the town a favor stop trying to be something your not. Its to funny that all of a sudden you show back up to be the town night in rusty armor the night Stacy was going to try an force Kevin out. There you are after over a year away you just happen to show up that night Steve give us a break it was all a set up so that way your little Andrew could keep his play house because he didn’t fit into what was becoming a real working VFD, plus the fact he could not do the job it was proven. Just leave man stop trying to be something you are not you have failed this town time an time again. We the people of White Springs are sick of it.

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