The RHATT Pack Watch – Day 675

Today is Sunday, March 1st, Day 675 of the RHATT Pack Watch.

When the Red-Face Ratt pulled himself out of official involvement with White Springs Town governance, he thought he could retain control of White Springs and its monies.  And the Ratt did for a period of time, but progressively he lost his control and influence, thus upsetting him greatly.  So, it’s not surprising that the Ratt convened a meeting of the Ratt Pack “Gang of Thugs”, including members Sell-Out Willie, Mindless “Splain it to Me” Tanja, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Lofty, the Scammer in Chief” Lapdog Tebow, Wannabe “Side Show Man” Nateal, his two incompetent flunkies Cousin Pam “The Scam Artist” and Cousin Evonne, and of course Sister Ratt “The Pedophile Enabler”.


This past Friday, Suwannee Hardware held a ribbon cutting ceremony at their new and larger location with expanded services and products.  At the last instance, the Red-Face Ratt slithered in, grabbed the scissors, cut the ribbon, posed for a picture and evaporated into his “Gang of Thugs” as onlookers joked about the Ratt’s attempt to steal credit for the work done by others.  Incensed by the lack of interest or respect by local residents, the Ratt scheduled a Rhatt Pack meeting later that day.  At that meeting the Ratt told his gang that he was particularly irate regarding Friday’s and several other recent events.  Today, the Rhatt Pack Watch is going to share leaks and insights from the Red-Face Ratt’s Rhatt Pack meeting and his plans to recapture control of White Springs.


According to knowledgeable sources, the Ratt brought up several incidents that were particularly upsetting.  First the Ratt discussed the secret bank accounts.  He wanted to know how White Springs’ forensic accountant was able to identify and find his secret accounts.  He wanted to know why Lapdog Tebow and Cousin Pam weren’t more careful in burying them and covering their tracks.  The Ratt acknowledged that the funds in the secret bank accounts would be ordered moved by the Town Council and undertaken by the Town Manager.  He concluded by that time, he might be able to regain control of the Town the funds would be used by White Springs and would be lost to him.


Next the Ratt brought up the fact that Mayor Miller, Town Manager Jones and Town Consultant Mittauer had been busy in Tallahassee.  As you know several years ago, Former Town Manager Farley and Mayor Miller visited Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and secured a $3.1 million funding agreement through the Clean Water State Revolving Fund (technically a loan with 95% forgiveness) to repair and improve White Springs sanitary sewer system.   However, when the Ratt served as Mayor, his Lapdog Tebow and his “Gang of Thugs” delayed the program thereby increasing its cost to $3.6 million and lowering the 95% forgiveness to about 80%.  These delays would have cost  White Springs’ taxpayers about $1 million.  However, because of the recent combined efforts of Mayor Miller, Town Manager Jones and Town Consultant Mittuaer the DEO is providing a Grant to White Springs to cover the increased cost, thus saving residents over $400,000.  The Ratt was livid that the Town had received these funds, thus lowering the financial burden on White Springs, and that he wasn’t able to slither in and take credit for this grant.  Unfortunately, the reduction in loan forgiveness still results in about $460,000 plus interest caused by the Ratt and to be borne by White Springs’ residents


Also, the Ratt was massively bothered by the fact that money is now being spent on repair and reconstruction of two streets (Kendrick and Mill) in White Springs.  He doesn’t have any “Cousins” living on those streets.  Throughout his tenure in office, the Ratt strived to spend none of the Local Option Fuel Tax (LOFT) monies received by the Town on any street or road.  Rather, the Ratt used the funds on toys and bonuses for his “COUSINS”, designer water and clothing for all of the office, and of course “Useless Equipment”.  Now the current Town Council, Mayor and Town Manager are focused on improving all of White Springs’ streets and roads, related sidewalks and green-ways, drainage and more.  And this is giving the Ratt fits because he saw the transportation funds as his personal piggy bank.


As reported by the “Cousins”, by now the Ratt’s face was bright beet red.  Upset and beginning to stammer, the Ratt turned his focus to another action taken by the Town Council  He pointed out, at a recent Council meeting, the staff presented some information on the upcoming election.  During the discussions that followed, the Council voted to use electronic voting machines.  The Ratt was clearly disturbed by this move.  For years, “Cousin” Pam would bring the absentee and early voting Ballot Box to her home, where the Ratt had unfettered access for several hours.  In addition, each election cycle, the Ratt secured the voter lists for deceased and forgotten voters.  Working closely with “Cousin” Pam, the Ratt voted for each of them.  What was he going to do now?  “Cousin” Pam wasn’t running the election.  The Ratt wanted somebody to take the Ballot Box home so that he would have unfettered access to manipulate votes.  The Ratt wanted to use his tried and proven tactic to add votes for “Cousins” Henrietta and Scott.  Then there were the electronic voting machines.  Maybe the Ratt could find a “Cousin” who had an IT (i.e. Information Technology) background with strong HACKING skills.  Of course, he thought he could depend on “Cousin” Hutto for early access to each voting machine.  The Ratt was having visions of two-thirds of all votes, no matter for which intended candidate they were cast, being converted to votes for his two “Cousins”..  WaLa Control of White Springs and its monies wold be right around the corner.


And then the Ratt got to his final item, the resignation of “Cousin” Pam.  With his face glowing a very bright RED, everyone indicated he was furious as he mumbled his extreme dissatisfaction.  Why had “Cousin” Pam resigned at such a crucial juncture for him.  He had lost control of the Town Council when Councilman Moore was elected.  Then he had to deal with the loss of his trusted “Scammer in Chief” Lapdog Tebow when she abruptly tendered her resignation as Town Manager.  And then the illegal alien, “Mini-me Despot” Lofty was caught living outside of the Town’s jurisdiction and was forced to resign.  However, there was still deeds for him.  “Cousin” Pam had just returned from her three months of feigned sick leave and the Ratt was getting ready to issue his next set of instructions to her.  The Ratt had been fantasizing about retaking the Town Council, the Town Manager position and most of all, the keys to all of  White Springs’ monies.  But now, his hopes, his visions were dashed because “Cousin” Pam handed in her resignation and was out.  No Ratt Town Council, no Ratt Town Manager, no “Cousin” Pam and NO money.  It was the Ratt’s worst nightmare


Paranoid and in an uncontrollable rage, the Ratt screamed at his “Gang of Thugs”. The Ratt wanted back in.  The Ratt wanted ways to ensure he regained control, no matter what White Springs’ residents wanted.  He wanted it ALL and he wanted it NOW.   He demanded that his “Gang” members find ways to ensure that “Cousins Henrietta and Scott are elected and he regains control of White Springs and its financial resources.


The Ratt’s still up to his illicit activities and dirty tricks.  He still wants to overthrow the up and coming election.  He’s searching for a “Cousin” with hacking skills.  The White Springs Police should have done something about the Ratt infestation a long time ago, but they have dropped the ball.  However, we know the FDLE and FBI are well aware of what the Ratt, and “Cousins” Tebow and Pam have done.  White Springs’ forensic accountant is uncovering and piling up mounds of evidence.  The Ratt knows, it’s only a matter of time before he and his Gang of Thugs get fitted with their bracelets.


It’s Day 675 and the Red-Face Ratt hasn’t changed or gone away.  The Rhatt Pack Watch will continue!

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