The RHATT Pack Watch Day 340

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 340


Today is Sunday, March 31st, Day 340 of the RHATT Pack Watch.



Unfortunately, there are several psychological mechanisms that lead to apparent idiots being elected into powerful positions. And this can be revealed by what has been done by the Red-face Ratt, his “Gang of Thugs” members Mindless “Have a 4th Grader Splain it to Me” Tanja and the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Suck-up Lofty and of course the Ratt’s Lapdog “Just Keep Paying Me the Big Bucks” Tebow to ruin all of White Springs’ infrastructure and place you in a worse position than you have ever been before.


It is said that People, generally, are often put off by intellectual and complex subjects and discussions in any case. They may have no experience with the issue, or may find it too daunting to want to engage with, because doing so successfully would require a lot of time and effort. But politics, particularly democracy, requires people to be involved.  That is why the “Watch” has pointed out what the “Gang of Thugs” has done to YOU in the simplest possible explanation, allowing you further research on your own.  It is time to vote for Candidates with honesty and integrity, because that is not what we have currently.


Let’s look at “Mini-Me Despot” Suck-up Lofty for a moment, who was placed in office by the Ratt and Mindless to trick you into believing he is a highly intellectual individual with a plan to make White Springs great.   “The Dunning-Kruger effect” reveals that less intelligent people like Suck-up Lofty, are usually incredibly confident.  More intelligent people, by contrast, aren’t at all.   Self-appraisal is a useful metacognitive skill but one that requires intelligence; if you don’t have much of it, you don’t consider yourself flawed or ignorant, because technically, you don’t have the ability to do so, which explains Suck-up Lofty’s persona.


But in White Springs this has backfired because most citizens see Mayor Lofty’s overly exuberant attitude as being that of a liar and in almost every case what he has told you is simply wrong.  He does not take responsibility for his poor decisions and has no idea that the reason he lies so much is because he is not intelligent enough to realize he is lying.   You’re Smarter than these officials and administrative Staff White Springs and it is time, you showed them that you no longer will accept their false promises and lies.
Most people in White Springs know that Mini-Me Despot” Suck-up Lofty the Red-face Ratt and the “Gang of Thugs are considered far less reliable or trustworthy than any person who appears less confident and who will not give an answer unless he or she knows it is correct and  who knows better than to spew lies like the “Gang do.  Councilman McKenzie and Councilwoman Miller, instead secure the facts before doing what is wrong and lying as a result to secure some illicit benefit. These two Councilors realize they have a fiduciary responsibility to the Citizens and wish to do what is right for the Town.


The Red-face Ratt, who unfortunately has revealed to all concerned,  that he is less intelligent than the average citizen, in his words and illicit actions, has been the major reason that White Springs’ infrastructure has gone down the Toilet.  As for Mindless, she has no ability or intellect whatsoever, and she can only depend upon the instructions she is given from the Red-face Ratt and his Lapdog “Just keep paying me the big bucks”.


Personality studies suggest that many people demonstrate goal orientation, a “disposition toward developing or demonstrating ability in achievement situations”. Feeling that you are actively influencing something (e.g. an Election) is a powerful motivator, but if some knowledgeable type starts spouting big words about interest rates or LOFT fund deficits, this may alienate those who don’t follow up or grasp such things.  This is similar to when the “Journal” brings forth specific laws which the “Gang of Thugs” has violated.  You may not totally understand what legally is being said or written, but it should be important to you to ask those who do understand, because the reasons these laws are being brought up is that it indicates your rights are being taken away by the Red Face Ratt’s “Gang of Thugs”
The “Watch” likewise , has been warning you not to believe in a “confident” member of the “Gang of Thugs” who will tell you there’s a simple solution and promises to make a big complicated thing go away.  Instead, what they are given are lies because they, themselves, cannot understand the problem at hand, much less solve a problem because they do not have a plan.  This isn’t going to happen because what the Red-face Ratt and his “Gang” have done to and for you is close to obvious criminality and things will not change because they are incompetent and are not intelligent enough to see what needs to happen.


The “Parkinson’s Law of triviality” shows us that people will spend far more time and effort focusing on something trivial that they do understand than something complicated that they don’t.  It is time that you don’t fall for the ergo less intelligent Candidates such as Cousins Natteal and Mindless which condenses down the big issues into brief (but inaccurate) snippets as a potential vote-winner.  Just look at what the Ratt and his Gang of Thugs  of the Ratt’s own choosing have done for you.  I would say nothing, but here are some areas in which we believe you may realize that the Ratt and his Gang have eviscerated.


  • You no longer have a Viable Fire Department because all the certified firefighters quit because they felt they would be treated in the same way in which Chief Pittman Was treated.  Our Charter requires a Fire Department, and the Citizens of White Springs are entitled to Fire and Emergency Protection.
  • “Cousins” Fire Chief Steve and Fire Marshall Andrew would not respond to EMS calls for which our Fire Department was blamed when one stabbed victim died. When Hamilton County EMS stationed its emergency vehicle at the Fire Station, the “Gang” became upset because the lights were left on.



  • The Town cannot adhere to the Fire Protection and Emergency Services Agreement with Hamilton County due to the fact that we have no actual Fire Department the Town will not receive any funds from Hamilton County as a result.
  • Mayor Lofty tried to hoodwink the HCBC by changing the agreement so the Town would receive guaranteed funds for fire protection which is not provided, but failed. You cannot fool the HCBC.  Commissioner Josh Smith will see right through your lies Mayor Lofty and Chief Steve.



  • You no longer have a Viable Police Department The Sheriff’s office and of late the Jasper PD had to respond.  The Ratt and his “Gang” would rather protect drug dealers and have neutered the Police Department to traffic violations.  They no longer may go near the Ratt’s lair because of his illicit sexual acts some of which have included juveniles.  When have the police patrolled your area to assure your safety?


  • If there are thefts in White Springs, the victims will have to wait and wait until the Sheriff’s office responds and the Police Chief will say the Department did not receive the call. When Cecil Brownfield was here, he responded immediately, sometimes with Fire Chief Pittman. Good police officers do not stay in White Springs long.  Rather, only those who have been fired elsewhere, except for the COP Grant, are hired.


  • Although we have a personnel policy to which the Council agreed, Police Chief Rodriquenz, received pay for almost a year without coming back to work. Cecil Brownfield did such a good job in her absence that she wasn’t missed. The manual says you will be paid for 30 days in each calendar year for each leave.
  • The Ratt and his “Gang” eliminated Chief Pittman for a zero, Dishonorable Chief Stith , resulting in no volunteers who are willing to be firefighters for such criminals and corrupt Town.



  • Another excellent Police Officer, John Davis, was asked to resign when he stipulated in writing that Mindless Tanja interfered with his code enforcement part-time position. This should have not affected his position as a police officer but the Lapdog stated “He didn’t fit with the rest of the department”.  Of course Chief Tracy has no one’s back much less follow a law herself.


  • Your rights will be further taken away if you vote “Yes” to the Town Charter. That is what the Ratt and his gang hope you do so it is imperative you prove them wrong.


  • Your roads, sidewalks, streets have not been repaired nor have safety crossing lights been implemented in areas which are crucial to the safety of lives. From the estimated $750,000 received from the State as our portion of the Local Option Fuel Taxes, the Ratt and his “Gang” have spent these restrictive funds by squandering it on on legal expenses to help the Lapdog (i.e. Rivers and Miller cases of nearly $36,000 paid in legal fees from LOFT funds) and pay for salaries and other benefits for the administrative Staff and police as well as purchasing designer water and clothing.  I bet not even a pothole was fixed on your street, but the Town spent $6000 to pay for the road near Suck-up Lofty’s residence.



  • Most of the Town does not have adequate lighting because only a few people and areas are favored, not yours, if you have no lighting. The lighting could have been stretched all the way to the Dollar General Store, but that was not the Ratt and the Lapdog’s plan, even though Councilwoman Miller had worked on the grant and had a plan years prior. The Lapdog however received credit for Councilwoman Miller’s work.


  • Money has been embezzled to the tune of $150,000, by the Ratt, his Lapdog, Mindless and our Finance manager so that an employee which they favored could be paid his regular salary and benefits in excess of two years while he was unable to work. How many of your bosses or Companies would give you such a good deal?  And this is one that is paid by Taxpayers.  The Red-face Ratt would never pay an employee of his for over two years, if he or she did not work for it but he can use YOUR money.The Ratt and his “Gang” and “Cousins” love to SPEND OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY, as long as it is not theirs.



  • It will cost the Town of White Springs Residents in excess of $700,000 plus interest to renovate the Wastewater Treatment infrastructure whereas prior to the Red-face Rat, it would have cost only $250,000 as our portion of the loan from the State.


  • Suck-up Lofty and the councilor who loves him, Mindless “Splain it to me” felt they could bamboozle prospective tenants and billionaires to pay all the expenses on S.H.E. when the building was not owned by the Town.  In order to meet the requirements of the Hamilton County School Board it would cost the citizens of White Springs millions of dollars as a result because not only does the building have to be made to code, but there is insufficient water pressure in the event there was a fire.  But again Suck-up Lofty has no idea that he is an idiot and as to Mindless, she is just that and will only follow others, not having an idea of her own.



  • White Springs Administration will hire only “Out of Towners” most of which have low IQ’s, have been fired previously, have a GED or less and will follow the directions of the  Ratt and his Lapdog.  In this manner, the “Gang” and Staff can believe their own lies because they do not have a clue what is really the issue.


  • The Red-face Ratt made certain his “BoyToy” Cousin Andrew “The Evidence Destroyer” received a shiny new red emergency vehicle for his personal use with credit cards for repair and maintenance. He retained this vehicle for his personal use for over a two year period.  When were you ever given anything by the Town of White Springs to make you life easier?



  • The Red-face Ratt and the Lapdog provided “Cousin” Ray with a new “Excavator” and Trailer worth $60,000, stealing it from your roads and streets LOFT money. We had a perfectly good “backhoe” with only 50 hours on it but the Ratt felt if “Cousin” Ray wanted an  excavator, he should have one, even though the excavator and trailer plus the subsequent new Ford Pickup did not fall under the definitions of what should be spent under the LOFT Statute..   Has “Cousin” Ray cleaned out your drainage ditches with that new “Excavator”  He couldn’t even fix the broken water pipe for two days, if it was fixed it all with his “Excavator” on 25A.
  • The Red-face Ratt also gave “Cousin” Arthur Natteal the old Jail building in February of 2018 without council approval. Although it was transferred, with we are  certain at the “Watch” with a back dated lease agreement to “Cousin” Code Enforcer for a year commencing April, 2018 for ZERO dollars a month, the council should have been notified for a vote.  Were you given a chance to lease the building at no cost to you?  And the building may not be an actual “Food Pantry” and may be used for other illicit purposes.
  • Since the Ratt and the Lapdog did not like Councilwoman Miller because she continually fought for citizens’ rights, the “Gang of Thugs” became the Accusers, the Prosecutors, the Judge, the Jury and the Executioner” to remove her from her seat to make certain their “Cousin” Suck-up Lofty was appointed in her place. After all someone like Suck-up Lofty is demonstrably less intelligent and is not challenging to the Gang’s perceived social status, whereas someone more intelligent such as Councilwoman Miller saying complicated things that contain uncomfortable (but accurate) facts doesn’t appeal to those of less intelligence.  However, by now, everyone has seen actual evidence and the reality that even though the Gang doesn’t like being told things they don’t want to hear, they are corrupt and their behaviors have taken White Springs down the toilet.


  • It emboldens us to challenge authority and question the status quo. And by doing so in White Springs you will be manacled and removed from meetings by fully armed police. The less intelligent who have taken over your town will not allow space for debate, inspire conversation – so more people have access to accurate information with integrity at its heart.  You will be thrown out.
Politicians like the Ratt, Mindless and “Cousin”Natteal may promise improvements like Suck-up Lofty has done.  But they don’t have a plan.  “Cousin” Natteal didn’t even have a plan for Black History Month and had no idea of how to put a plan together.  The Ratt, his Lapdog, the “Gang” and the “Cousins” are clearly in it for themselves, but there surely are plenty who really do want the best and just put up with the negative opinions they get. And again, others do not because we are tired of the false promises, the corruption, the lies and the lack of fire and police protection and good roads and streets.


White Springs, it is time to get your Town Back.  Don’t be drawn to demonstration of questionable intellectual abilities which only provide false promises and corruption.  If the Ratt, Mindless and Cousin Natteal make you a promise, ask each how they plan on handling that promise.  They may lie and give you an answer that may seem convincing but dig deeper and ask them for more specifics like where they will come up with  the money; for instance, what will happen when the State requires repayment of LOFT funds; How can they feel tenants will pay for all the improvements when the Town doesn’t own SHE and why do you feel insurance is not required, when the Town could be sued?”


Remember, you do not need a college education to be intelligent, especially if you have logic and can see what these officials are doing to you.  A college Education has certainly not helped the Ratt nor his lapdog. It is time you stood up against corruption and demanded honesty and transparency from those who are to serve you.


The “Watch” has provided you insight as to the corruption of White Springs and it is time to change White Springs back to the way it was before the Ratt, his Lapdog, his Gang and his cousins damaged our infrastructure. This has never been so pressing: we’re living in a time when the integrity of our democracy and the legitimacy of our votes are in question in White Springs.  Remember the Ratt’s famous comment during a Town Council Meeting “You want us to admit we are not following the law?”


Vote “NOI” for the Charter Changes, Elect Tom Moore and Reject Mindless Tanja and the Ratt.  It’s Day 340 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t qualified to be on the ballot.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues!

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