The RHATT Pack Watch Day 339

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 339


Today is Saturday, March 30th, Day 339 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


By now, everyone has felt the dramatic rise in the cost of gas at the fuel pump.   Over the last month, the price of gas at the pump has risen about $0.60 per gallon or about $12.00 per fill-up, but why?  A gas price rise of $0.60 per gallon over the course of a few short weeks is rather unusual.  It could happen, if there were a major instantaneous drop in the supply of fuel.  However, there has been an over supply of crude oil literally worldwide.
In addition, most OPEC countries have continued to produce and export crude oil at or above their previous production levels throughout the last month.  It’s clear there has been sufficient crude available for refining.


Gas prices could have risen if there had been a natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane one or more refineries could have been shut down or damaged.  However, no natural disaster occurred before or during the past month that interrupted any domestic refining capacity.


Alternatively, it’s possible there could have been a mechanical or process failure at one or multiple refineries recently.  That didn’t occur either.  In fact, other than routine maintenance and seasonal changes in product mixes, the refining industry produced as normal.  There has been no reduction in the supply of refined fuel products.  In short, more than a sufficient amount of fuel was available at the pumps.


So why did the price of fuel climb about $0.60 per gallon?  While the supply of crude oil being exported from OPEC remained the same, one country Venezuela’s output decreased.  Other OPEC countries saw an opportunity to produce more and Charge more.  Over the past month, the price of a barrel of crude rose by under $3.00 per barrel or less than $0.06 per gallon or one tenth of the increase at the pump.


Clearly, there’s some alternate reason for the price increase.  One obvious reason relates to the Red-face Ratt.  What have the Ratt and the “Cousins” been up to recently?  Every one knows that the Ratt and the “Cousins” control the distribution and sale of fuel in Hamilton, Suwannee and Columbia Counties, but apparently somehow they have managed to obtain a stranglehold on the distribution channel for fuel throughout most of Florida.  Most of the rest of the United States, except Hawaii, Alaska and California, have lower fuel costs than Florida.


According to the American Petroleum Institute, U. S. refining capacity has remained the same and there are no shortages of refined fuel products being shipped.  A check with the Governor’s Office indicates there have been no changes in gas and diesel fuel taxes.  A check with all four of the State’s terminal operators in Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Port Everglades and Tampa indicate that someone has been jacking the spigot price all across Florida and only Florida, for the last 45 days.
Apparently, the Ratt and the “Cousins” have figured out an approach to dip into and increase the terminal distribution profits for themselves.  It must be worth a pretty penny for the Ratt and the “Cousins”.   According to Florida’s Office of economic Research  about 786 million gallons of Gas and 153 million gallons of diesel fuel were sold during this period.  Must have been a nice payday for the Ratt and the “Cousins” at your expense.


What do you think White Springs?  Isn’t it time to get rid of the Ratt and the “Cousins”?  Time to return control to the residents of White Springs!  Time to clean-up the crime and corruption that pervades Town Hall and the current Administration!   Start by calling the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  And then get out and vote to put a new Town Council to represent you.

Vote “NO” for the Charter Changes!  Elect Tom Moore and Reject Mindless Tanja and the Ratt.  It’s Day 339 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t qualified to be on the ballot.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues.


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