The RHATT Pack Watch Day 337

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 337


Today is Thursday, March 28th, Day 337 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Don’t you just love the White Springs Fake Police Department?  Remember you are paying about $225,000 a year and you get to play hide and seek with a couple of traffic police when they are in Town.  As you may recall, this destruction of the White Springs real Police Department occurred because the Red-face Ratt wanted to continue his pedophilia and related sexual activities unabated by any type of law enforcement.


Now, the Ratt had a couple of options available to him in that regard.  He could move his illicit activities to a remote location, like Daddy Bobby’s hunting camp.  That might inconvenience some, or most of his younger victims.  Then again, he could take a direct approach with the White Springs Police Department and just bribe each and every officer.  This worked in the past with so many people, it might work again.  Or maybe he could just eliminate the White Springs Police Department.  That probably wasn’t likely to work because most of the Town’s residents wanted a Police Department.
After some thought on the subject, the Ratt decided on an approach that would leave a Police Department on the books, but would be neutered and assigned menial tasks associated with traffic duty or destroying events like the May Day celebration.  All he would need to do is compromise Chief Tracy.  A few threats later and the deed was done.  Police were to remain off duty and out of Town during some of the Ratt’s precious drug and sexual partying times, and when they were in Town, stay as far away from the Ratt’s lair and each of his suppliers and restrict their activities to traffic duty.  WaLa, A Fake Police Department.


White Springs, it’s now a very Fake Police Department.  Take what happened a few nights back.  There was a disturbance in Town.   This wasn’t a minor disturbance.  Numerous people heard the excruciating screams of a young woman.  It wasn’t one scream, but the continual screaming as if this woman was being beat to death.


Multiple calls were made to 911 by several individuals.  911 dispatch called White Springs Police, no response.  Zero response!!   911 dispatch already knew that the Hamilton County Sheriff was fully engaged on another 911 emergency and wouldn’t be able to respond in a timely fashion.  A woman is screaming bloody murder.


Several White Springs residents were beginning to investigate.  So 911 dispatch called the Jasper Police Department.  The response was immediate.  In a matter of minutes, the Jasper Police Department had several officers in White Springs investigating the source of the screams.  And White Springs, well they were no where to be found.  That’s what a Fake Police Department does for you.  Exactly Nothing!!


White Springs has a Fake Police Chief who long ago, dropped all of her integrity down a Ratt hole.  And why weren’t there officers on duty, well the Jasper Police traced the screams to the location of one of the Ratt’s primary drug dealers.  So what do you think?  Of course, The Ratt didn’t want any Police, Fake or otherwise around.  So everyone was ordered out of town.  So now you know what a Fake Police Department looks like.


White Springs real law enforcement needs your help.  Contact the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000 with everything you know about the Ratt, his “Gang of Thugs” and “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep Paying Me” Tebow and their illicit activities.  And on April 23rd, show up at the voting place and cast your vote for a New White Springs.  And when you have finished, help those having difficulty reaching the voting place to get there and return home.

ELECT TOM MOORE and replace “Gang of Thugs” member Mindless and the Ratt.  It’s Day 337 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t qualified to be on the ballot.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!


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