The RHATT Pack Watch Day 335

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 335


Today is Tuesday, March 26th, Day 335 of the Rhatt Pack Watch.


As you probably know by now, the Red-face Ratt didn’t qualify to be on the Ballot for election to the White Springs Town Council.  What what does the Ratt not qualifying to be on the Ballot or ultimately on the Town Council really mean?  The Ratt still has his “Gang of Thugs” members Mindless “Have a 4th Grader Splain it to Me” Tanja and the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot” Suck-up Lofty and of course his “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just Keep Paying Me” Tebow.
*Does this mean the Ratt plans to carry on with his nefarious activities, but from the Ratt’s lair?
  • Does this mean that White Springs will continue to have a very expensive Fake Police Department?
  • Does this mean that White Springs will continue to have a  Fake Fire Department, run by the disgraced Fake Fire Chief “Cousin” Steve with his Bromance partner, the Ratt’s Boy Toy and Fire Marshall “Cousin” Andrew?
  • Does this mean that the Ratt “Cousin Steve and “Cousin Andrew will bring back the infamous White Springs’ “Bordello and Drug Emporium?
  • Does this mean the Ratt will insist that White Springs continue to illegally waste, misuse and steal Local Option Fuel Tax(LOFT) revenues?
  • Does this mean that the Ratt will conceive of a new scheme to embezzle every dime that is not nailed down?
  •   Does this mean that the White Springs Water Treatment Plant and Distribution System will continue to deliver NON – potable water to every household and business in Town?
  •  Does this mean that the Wastewater Collection System and Treatment Plant will continue to leak toxic strains of 3-coli into the local groundwater, while the costs to repair and upgrade the system spiral upwards?
  • Does this mean that the sheer madness of the lying Suck-up Lofty will create additional debt for the Town?  Does this mean that the White Springs’ Town Hall will continue to be smothered with nepotism, pedophilia, nepiophilia, ephebophilia, drugs, bribes, fraud and other corrupt activities?
  • Or is there a remote possibility that the Red-face Ratt will resign as “Gang of Thugs” Leader and disband his “Gang”.
  • Don’t hold your breath!!

Here’s “Why”.  It looks like the Ratt is looking to expand his “Gang of Thus” and run the “Gang” and the Town from his Lair.  “Gang of Thugs” member, the illegal alien “Mini-Me Despot, lying Suck-up Lofty remains on the Town Council.  It appears the Ratt order his “Gang of Thugs” member, Mindless and one of the “Gang of Thugs” Wannabe members, the Cousin “I got No Experience” Natteal to pursue Candidacy for the Town Council.  Apparently, both were able to qualify to be on the Ballot for the White Springs Town Council election on April 23rd.   Unfortunately, only one White Springs’ resident, Tom Moore, who is imminently experienced and isn’t an existing or Wannabe “Gang of Thugs” member has qualified to be on the Ballot for the Town Council election.


On April 23rd, you have an opportunity to put an end to the Municipal Terrorism conducted by the Red-face Ratt for the past four years.  If you want to restore White Springs, on April 23rd, vote to elect Tom Moore to the Town Council.  Then you can vote for the lessor of two evils; That’s probably “Cousin” Natteal, or you can write in a completely new Candidate, or you can choose to not vote for a second Candidate.  In any event, cast your first vote for Tom Moore.
White Springs, this Town belongs to you.  Ensure that both the Ratt and his “Gang of Thugs” are gone from White Springs Governance.  Where you can, vote them out.  Where you can, report their involvement in illicit activities both inside and out of Town Hall.  Help the FBI officer in Jacksonvillle (904) 248-7000 with your insights and information.


Help restore White Springs.  Replace the “Gang of Thugs” member Mindless, “Splain it to me” Tanja and the Ratt.  It’s Day 335 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t qualified to run.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues.

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