The RHATT Pack Watch Day 333

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 333


Today is Sunday, March 24th, Day 333 of the Rhatt Pack Watch


Hallelujah, in the 2019 Election,  The Red-Face Ratt has decided not to run BUT one of his “Cousin” Thugs is? But the Clever Ratt that he is, we know that his destruction of White Springs may not yet be done


Mindless “Splain it to me” Tanja is surely running to protect the Lapdog “Just keep paying me”
The Ratt will back her so there are still Two remaining with a third to which the Gang does agree
And the Third the Ratt is Supporting is Natteal , you see
“The alleged abuser and what money is there in it for me”
The Second thug is  Mindless’s Love Interest  illegal Alien “Mini-Me Despot” Suck up Lofty
He may not know anything about Finance, Economics or Business but he sure is haughty
But let’s talk about the newest hopeful addition to the corrupt “Gang of Thugs”
Whose recent alleged abuse of his estranged lady, made all of White Springs wonder if he was on drugs
Arthur Natteal was born January 7th of 1962 with a fair Reputation Score of 3.46 out of five
But why so many alias’s (Arthur L. Hainouss, Arthur L. Herlson, Artur Natel) did Natteal have to derive?
But so did his estranged lady have a number of alias’s  Shonda  Michelle Taylor-Werts-Natteal
What’s funny is that all these alias’s show up for a Lady in NC who’s a dental assistant for real
But back to Natteal; We have no idea what he is concealing
Since on the internet he lists his ethnicity as “Caucasion” which definitely is revealing
He listed as receiving a high school diploma at AFCENT High School in the Netherlands
Which would mean he was in the military stationed near Brunssum the Netherlands
Natteal is the CEO of WJLN 88.7 FM in Lake City Florida, a Christian Music Station
Who has given special Air Time to the Red-face Ratt  for his verbal communication
 That is probably Why the Red-face Ratt without Council approval or knowledge
Gave Natteal to use the White Springs old Jail for his Faith and Action Ministries as Homage
But who has benefited from the Food Pantry that apparently has a 501 (3) (c)
Even asking his estranged lady, owner of Bebish, there was no solid information for you and me
So what is it renting the Public building for FREE?  Another way in which to Launder Charitable Money
Some people like Natteal are known to take but never give without advantage , which isn’t funny
Now we understand that Natteal is providing opportunity on the radio
To allow for a time slot for our current Mayor to stroke and support Lofty’s male ego
But what is amazing when Natteal states he has a ministry, and shows him holding a bible
When on the internet it states he has no religious affiliation nor perhaps is he a minister or a disciple
We know Natteal is not very intellectual even though he supposedly has Event Experience
The only Festival Event skills is to bring in Christian Rappers pointing out he is delirious
When he came before the council to request a parade and an event for Black History Month
He was definitely inarticulate, not having a plan and a definite failure of what he needed up front
One thing we do know is that even though it seemed like he was attempting to do good
We know that his ulterior motive was to fleece the Council and possibly the public anyway he could
Ask yourself what Natteal is hiding by having so many alias’s and why did he move around so much?


He lives on NW Jordan Court in Lake City,
 but shows his current address in White Springs as the same as his estranged Lady
Other Residences include Center Hill, FL, Panasoffkee, FL, Houston TX
Crystal River, FL, San Antonio, TX and Fort Sam Houston TX
It states Arthur Natteal was related to Cynthia. Digman (Natteal) and Jazmine Leigh
Could the latter be the famous porn star by the way?
In looking into Natteal’s eyes, you can see he is not really a  bible officiant
And one wonders if he really has had any religious studies, they are certainly insufficient
When you beat on others so as to cause them fear or physical harm
When you try to fleece money from others benefits only you because of your charm
Natteal, You obviously fit with the “Gang of Thugs “whose purpose only is to destroy and intimidate
You are no Minister unless one of evil but you definitely fit the Gang of Thugs who you intimate
The future of White Springs is in your hands. If you wish to retain a Fake Police Department, and a Fake Fire Department, continue to allow the “Gang” to spend all of YOUR money for their own purposes other than fixing roads and streets and placing a safety walk and signal on 41 so those families who need to cross at the Dollar General Store don’t get hurt or killed; If you don’t care that the infrastructure of White Springs is being destroyed including sewer lines and Water lines, then Vote for Mindless who has done nothing but imitate the Ratt and Natteal who is not Trustworthy in the “Watch’s” opinion and is obvious is an “abuser” of women.


Save White Springs.  ELECT TOM MOORE and Reject Mindless Tanja and Arthur Natteal “What’s in it for me”.  It is Day 333 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The Rhatt Pack Watch continues.











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