The RHATT Pack Watch Day 332

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 332


Today is Saturday, March 23rd, Day 332 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


The “Watch” received several calls over the last couple of days, concerning Drone sightings in White Springs during several early morning excursions along US 41.  According to one witness, while driving north on US 41 at about 6:15 AM, this person noticed a large drone hovering about 50 feet above the road near the south Suwannee Bridge.  It  began following a tanker truck, dropping down slightly and then rising again.  When the vehicle approached Bridge Street, the drone made a right hand turn and disappeared out of sight.  As the witness approached the Library, either the same or another drone appeared hovering over the road as both the tanker and the witness drove under it.  Several additional observers reported seeing one or more drones hovering or flying north or south over US 41, generally between 6:00 and 8:00 AM. In fact, one witness indicated after following the drone for several minutes, when approaching Fat Belly’s and Bud’s Suds, the drone made a right-hand turn and appeared to circle the buildings.


Based on this information the “Watch” reached out to the Wildlife Camera Crew to gain some insight.  They confirmed that they had spent a couple of weeks in California being familiarized and trained on two different configuration drone camera platforms.  In preparation for specific video segments, they conducted several trail flights in and around White Springs to familiarize themselves with the terrain and associated features.  They also wanted to calibrate their technology with typical driving speeds in various sections of US 41 and other roads.


The Wildlife Camera Crew indicated the drone platforms are extremely complex.  They have the ability to be manually controlled or operated fully automatically.  In the automatic mode, the drone can fly a predefined route and velocity, or follow any terrain feature like a road, river, ridge or tree line and more, as well as follow an identified target subject like an animal, person or vehicle.   Each camera is gyro-stabilized, auto focusing, auto centering, communicates with the platform to auto select the optimum distances, heights and angles to deliver the best lit and resolution videos and images streamed live.


They pointed out that the flights which several witnesses reported and additional flights did allow them to begin mapping routes of interest, blind-spots on the various routes, obstacles on each route and other interferences, including natural and man made lighting, strong WiFi links and localized wind currents.  They plan to make more runs in the days ahead.


In a second breath, they let it be known that their stationary wildlife cameras around Town properties were very revealing.  On most days, they captured “Cousin” Ray arriving early at Town Hall, hanging around the equipment shed and at some point leaving with his team in one or more vehicles.  They capture tons of stills and videos of “Cousin” Pam arriving, leaving and taking her smoke breaks, sometimes near the backdoor and sometimes elsewhere in the compound.  And the Lapdog, the cameras recorded many days when she didn’t show up in White Springs, many days when she arrived late for work and many days when she left early.


One month until Election Day.  On April 23rd, you can make a difference and take back control of White Springs.  If you want to address White Springs’ dire financial situation, restore the Town’s infrastructure and stop the use of YOUR assets for the Ratt’s and the “Cousins” personal benefit.  Support, Promote and Vote for TWO non-Gang of Thugs members.  And, if you have knowledge of or information about Town Council or Administration crimes, share it with the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Save White Springs, ELECT TOM MOORE and replace “Mindless Splain it to me” Tanja and the Red-face Ratt.  It’s Day 332 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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