The RHATT Pack Watch Day 322

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 322


Today is Wednesday, March 13th, Day 322 of the RHATT Pack Watch.


Have you noticed that the Red-face Ratt’s “Gang of Thugs” member Mindless “Have a 4th Grader Splain it to me” Tanja has been trying to stay out of sight lately.  Anyone in Public Office, who needs a 4th Grader to read and explain what they heard probably should be hiding out where constituents can’t place them under scrutiny.  If that’s all there was, not being able to read and understand official Town Documents probably could be understood and accepted.  However, when Mindless exercises extremely poor judgment and participates in illicit activities, that’s where the line needs to be drawn.


For instance, it wasn’t illegal to destroy the May Day celebration.  Rather, it demonstrated poor judgment.  Mindless, envious that several years previously, a number of White Springs’ residents had initiated a celebratory event which became one of the highest attended events in White Springs each year.  Yes, May Day created a few challenges for the Town, but so too did every other event.  That’s not a reason to destroy an event.  Instead, like all other Municipalities, officials work with organizers to resolve problem areas.  But undeservedly, Mindless who had never lifted a finger to help, wanted to take over the event and usurp the notoriety held by the founders, organizers and volunteer workers who toiled every year to make May Day a success.  In fact, jealousy of the success of others was Mindless’ primary motivation for destroying numerous activities throughout White Springs.  In the end, the notoriety Mindless achieved was as a “Destroyer” and Member of the Ratt’s “Gang of Thugs”



It would have been one thing if Mindless had contented herself simply with destroying White Springs activities and institutions, but as a Ratt’s “Gang of Thugs” Member, she sank to a far lower level, illegal undertakings.  Riding a “High” from the successful destruction on May Day, Mindless set her sights on liberating White Springs’ bank account.  She began by approaching Sell-out Willie.  Together, they decided to enlist the “Gang’s” leader, the Ratt.   Shortly thereafter, a scheme was hatch to embezzle funds by creating phony time sheets, which the “Out of Towner” Lapdog “Just keep Paying me” Tebow would approve.”Cousin” Pam, the “Ballot Box Stuffer” would pay and Mindless’ Cousin would collect.  It worked and went undetected for more than two years.  This embezzlement cost you, the White Springs’ taxpayers, more than $150,000.


While the embezzlement was underway, several major activities, including historic lighting and signage, a new Fire Station, and a major rehabilitation and upgrade to the Wastewater Collection and processing system, initiated when Councilwoman Miller was Mayor, were reaching fruition.  When Councilwoman Miller received credit for obtaining the funding and completion of the Lighting, Signage and Fire Station Projects, the envious Ratt and Mindless went through the roof.  Their response was to attempt to destroy the Wastewater project.  By the time the Ratt realized the project couldn’t be destroyed, every State mandated funding milestone was missed.  The result was an increase in the cost to White Springs’ taxpayers to $1,200,000.  About the same time the Lapdog told the Ratt and Mindless about the LOFT revenues, which they decided to loot and did for about $750,000.


The extremely poor judgment and illicit activities of Mindless have cost every Household in Town thousands of dollars and that cost increases every month.  This can be stopped by providing information to the FBI office in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.  Additionally, you can identify TWO honest and caring Town Council Candidates.  Promote them, campaign with them, vote for them and help others to the polls to cast their votes.

It’s time to restore honesty, competence and integrity to the Town Council and remove Mindless and the Ratt.  It’s Day 322 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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