The RHATT Pack Watch Day 319

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 319


Today is Sunday, March 10th, Day 319 of the RHATT Pack Watch


Have you ever thought about what the combination of the Red-faced Ratt and his Lapdog do to cause challenges not only to any other employees of the Town of White Springs but to the Citizens they are to serve.  Let’s Look at some statistics on any employee who is as sane and intelligent, such as Anita Rivers is.  Yes, they were certainly discriminatory of Ms. Rivers who believed in the rights of all citizens and spoke out about their illicit affairs.  They just couldn’t have someone pointing out their mistakes or trying to keep them in line. And her relative “Sell-Out” Willie was upset with her and wanted her terminated especially after she found evidence he was using a Town building to house someone who was homeless. But the “Gang of Thugs”  like illegal alien Idi Amin Dada “Mini Me Despot” Mayor Lofty and Mindless “Splain it to me” Vice Mayor Tanja as well as former “Sell-out” Willie could not have an honest intelligent person working for Town Hall. So of course they first tried to blame their misgivings through “Cousin” Ken about something which Anita was not responsible and spent weeks trying to find anything they could pin on her which was definitely weak.


 Let’s face it, the Town  only likes people who have been fired from previous jobs,  and those with less than a GED so the Red-face Ratt and the Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow can look good  Can you imagine working under the two of them plus the Saboteur “Cousin” Pam?  And statistics state that 77 percent of employees experience physical symptoms from stress such as heart problems, according to a study from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.  Plus stressed employees cost employers nearly twice as much in health-care costs – roughly $600 more per person per year on average. But in the case of the White Springs Administration, if you believe in the law and the policies of the Town, you are doomed to failure.  They will do whatever they can to remove anyone with honesty and that includes council members such as Miller who obviously provokes them when she provides background law or points out their apparent mistakes.


You’ve seen how citizens have tried to express their views in council meetings only to be manacled by Police in tactical gear removing them for no apparent reason, and of course, not following the Town’s own policies.  The Red-Face Ratt is a bad boss, who really is not a boss, but thinks he can boss not only employees, but citizens, including taking away their rights plus enriching the “Cousins while misusing funds for the Town.  He is a bully who tries to hide in sheep’s clothing and is not just a bit of a jerk sometimes but is a jerk all the time taking it to a toxic level, publicly or privately threatening and humiliating anyone he does not like.  


The Lapdog is a combination of a Poor Communicator and a Fickle Boss.  The Lapdog micromanages but it is mainly by e-mail, giving orders but not possibly being able to do the job herself. Most likely she would be fearful if a question were asked.  How can one be a manager if they are not familiar with every aspect of what employees are doing? She was given a warning about Pam and our financial situation, but of course, she feels she knows everything in spite of not having a clue.


Although it is important to give employees space, there must be enough direction to get the job done.  A Poor Communicator like the Lapdog provides very little direction, which often results in the tasks having to be completed – or even redone  – – at the last minute.  This causes problems for an employee who wishes to excel and feel good about what they have accomplished.   The fickle boss side of the Lapdog makes her seem nice at times except when she apparently has unpredictable mood swings, whether on drugs or not; confiding in someone one day and turning on them the next day..  But she lacks clarity leaving individuals confused and unproductive.  Everyone has noticed this and such has been indicated in her DeBary case files as well. If anyone told as many whoppers as she does, it’s not hard to determine why she is on the edge and it’s best to limit communications to urgent matters. The only other two persons who lie possibly more than she are Mayor Lofty and the Red-face Ratt.


Although the Lapdog does everything the Red-face Ratt tells her to do, she doesn’t think the Councilors are worth much. She stated that “they get paid once a month and it takes very little to do that job, actually” In fact she praises the Ratt saying he’s very accessible to citizens and people feel like they can easily talk to him.  So he’ll get a lot more feedback than someone like Walter McKenzie.”  However what the Ratt has to say is purely fabrications and unfulfilled promises.


Because the Lapdog has a dislike of a specific Citizen in Town who keeps saying “Follow the Law’, she had the audacity to blame Ms. Rivers for sounding like him or stating she had first amendment rights.  How would you like to work for a boss like the Lapdog who will attack you for being like a citizen she dislikes immensely, stating that Ms. Rivers has no right to make complaints, yelling at her and stating  “It’s time to work now so just stop it” the Lapdog herself complaining that Ms. Rivers was rehashing the same thing that she had said to her a few days before.  Well it’s obvious the Lapdog didn’t handle the matter a few days prior.


But what’s totally a whopper is the fact that the Lapdog said she did not “Yell” at Ms. Rivers, but “Chief Two-gun” Tracy said she was “alarmed.  When people are talking and it goes from one level to another level, I go from comfortable, to okay…I need to be alert here, because I don’t know what’s going on.  I don’t know if somebody’s coming in the back door.  I don’t know what’s happening, but it was….it got my attention that I wanted to come out of the office to say…to see what was going on.  I didn’t, because at that time, Ms. Rivers came to the end of Rodriquenz’s desk and was visibly shaking”.  Here we have a cop, a police chief at that,  with supposed training that doesn’t come out of her office when there was concern, but rather hid until the last minute. Usually Police Officers go toward the action, not hide but that’s “Two Gun” Tracy who states she’s an alpha female but is permissive.  Wowza!   


Then of course there is the problem with Drug abuse in a Town Hall that is supposed to be drug free.  You can’t tell me that drugs to not exacerbate the messed up personas of both the Ratt and his Lapdog.  The Ratt per people who have known him has a very bad cocaine habit and one wonders if his animation at Council Meetings is a result of cocaine.  When it’s a long meeting, he’s the first to run to a bathroom on a break probably to keep his “high” going.


Now the Lapdog advised she was taking generic Percocet and without verification that the Lapdog had a prescription, “Two Gun” Tracy decided to provide the Lapdog with the pill she found on the bathroom floor.  Of course the Lapdog states that she’s had rheumatoid arthritis since she was 17 so she’s taken a lot of different prescription medications for years.  She also said she can pretty much take anything and it doesn’t affect her which is quite a laugh, because no Doctor would be giving her such an opioid or other opioids for years otherwise there would be a fear of addiction, which is obvious the Lapdog has.


What is funny is when she was asked by DeBary’s attorney whether she was taking any medication which might affect her ability to recall testimony and of course she said “No”.  She said she was taking Xanax around the time she was terminated and she continues to take it.  When asked who prescribes it she said she got it from Dr. Gallas in Orlando and because she works so far away, she hasn’t been able to see him.  Then she asked Dr. Lopez for that drug a few months prior to the deposition and asked Dr. Gallas for Bupropion, the generic name for Wellbutrin and now takes it.   She said that Dr. Tot-o has been prescribing it to her because she can see him on Saturdays at Winter park.   She was asked if any of them were psychiatrists and the Lapdog answered No, that they were general practitioners.  She also mentioned she takes the pills as necessary and it’s not something you take every day but it helps her sleep at night.  What a Story.


If she had such severe rheumatoid arthritis, that she needed Opioids in White Springs for the pain,  it would not only show in her hands and joints but stating the rheumatoid arthritis prescriptions she mentioned to the DeBary attorney as being only used when necessary, doesn’t make a lot of sense.  These are Whoppers from a person who likes taking drugs and who knows her dislike of certain people in White Springs and the fact that has to keep remembering her lies must be putting her over the edge.
Even in DeBary, employees stated at times she was friendly and the next time they saw her, she would not respond to them and was in a totally different mood.  That’s drug use people and this is what we have for a Town Manager because the Ratt will do anything to stick up for her because it is hard to hire illicit Managers; Honest Managers would not work for us and as soon as they have another job or an excuse to leave they did as rapidly as they could.  I don’t know how Ms. Rivers could work for the  Poor Communicator and Fickle Boss Lapdog for as long as she did. That is not a healthy environment especially with Saboteur “Cousin” Pam being allowed to undermine all of Ms. Rivers efforts and blaming everyone else for her problems..


Don’t ever work for or believe the Lapdog or the Red-face Ratt.  It’s day 319 and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!

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