The RHATT Pack Watch Day 312

The RHATT Pack Watch

Day 312


Today is Sunday, March 3rd, Day 312 of the RHATT Pack Watch


As you are aware and which the “Watch” has mentioned previously,  the Town of White Springs values “Cousin” Pam.  Not only does is she one heck of a Saboteur undermining the efforts of others, but blames everyone else for her own mistakes.   Everyone knows she is incapable of being a “Financial Director” and probably has not studied actual”Finance” in her life, much less “Accounting” or she would know that what she and the Town are doing is bankrupting the Town of White Springs.  The Red-face Ratt needs to keep her because she knows where all the bones are buried  if they brought in someone who actually has accounting and finance knowledge, it would mean all the Secrets of the Red-face Ratt, his Lapdog “Just keep Paying me” Tebow,  illegal alien “idi Amin Dada” Mini-Me Despot Mayor Lofty illicit dealings would become knowledge of the Feds and all other law enforcement.
It is corruption at its best and poor “Cousin” Pam, although she does well at protecting her own turf, would have to finally admit that she has no knowledge of her own but has to depend on the Ratt, “Cousin” Ken and the Lapdog for advice.The problem for “Cousin” Pam  is that sooner or later, she will be blamed for everything including the misuse of Grants, which you will recall some $40,000 went missing a few years back and the money had to be taken from the Sewer / Water account.  Yet it did not appear that the Council ever knew about the missing money nor did the council vote to take the money from the Sewer and Water Account.


But wait a minute.  Cousin Pam will not be the only one in Trouble.  After all the Lapdog “Just keep paying me” Tebow  most likely will be brought in by Law Enforcement and possibly with pink cuffs  for not managing her departments and allowing money to be misused,misspent and stolen from the Citizens of White Springs..


Let’s go through what some people who work with her have said.   Apparently “Cousin” Pam has had to team up with “Cousin” Andrew “The evidence destroyer” because not only does she have difficulty with figures and percentages but definitely problems with her computer for which she has no one to ask  but her IT person.  Since she puts in possibly two hours a day on actual White Springs duties because of her numerous smoke breaks, when the Red-face Ratt asks her to do something illicit, she won’t be able to figure out what to do without “Cousin” Andrew  no longer there to assist her .  But the facts are, the relationship with “Cousin” Pam and “Cousin” Andrew “The Evidence Destroyer” is like the “blind leading the blind.” because neither of them really know what to do but “Cousin” Andrew would make a judgment call, if you can say he has any real judgment, and wal la a decision has been made.  But let’s get back to the issue.


Chief Two Gun Tracy has had her difficulties with “Cousin” Pam.  In a statement made, Chief Tracy was trying to explain to “Cousin” Pam that “you can go over the amount, but you cant go under the amount” when trying to fix a Grant Problem. “If you go under, you have to be able to do a budget adjustment.  She doesn’t  — I do all of the work from A to Z, even the financial portion.   I go in her office, I do — I do her — I do her reports, so all she has to do is hit the button, Submit.  So, I’m trying to explain to her — because I’m not there, that we can’t go over, that’s where there’s a clause in the grant that says, anything above and beyond, the town will be — will encumber.  So that’s why that clause is there and she was determined that she wanted it to be that thousand and that thousand only.  She didn’t want it to be $1,000.03, $1,000.01 and she wouldn’t approve —  she wouldn’t submit the expense report.  No, she was being difficult and she yelled at me.  And then, I said, Whoa, you know. I said, Who are you talking to like that and she calmed down then”. ”  There you have it, it isn’t just “Cousin” Pam who cooks the books but “Cousin” Chief Two-Gun Tracy “The neutering factor of the police department. 


Chief Tracy also discussed the atmosphere of Town Hall and so eloquently indicated that “there are certain times when everything is all right in the world at Town Hall and everything’s great and business is going and team-work is jiving and everybody’s getting along and working.   And then there’s times where you can feel the tension in the air.  You can just feel that there’s something not right and there’s an underlying current somewhere and you just want to go in your office and hide in your hole.   Although our  Chief” Tracy supposedly has had training as a police officer, apparently in her dealings with opioid drugs on the bathroom floors and not following the law in handling the Ratt’s illicit affairs,  stated that “Cousin” Pam raising her voice or yelling at others like former employee Rivers, makes her uncomfortable.  That is really sad, especially when “Cousin” Chief “Two-gun” Tracy supposedly is an Alfa Female as she calls herself.  What a scam and all the “Cousins” follow the Ratt’s words “We “Cousins” gotta stick together”.


When Ms. Rivers was out of the office and cash was lost in her absence, she was concerned that she would be discriminated against.  Chief Tracy explained it like thisSo she was worried that ” Cousin Pam “has access to the same cash drawer.  Ms. Tomlinson is constantly making mistakes and she’s (Anita) going to get blamed for it”   Now why is it if everyone in Town seems to know it  “Cousin Pam” continually makes mistakes and it has been known by her co-workers, why does the Ratt  and his trusted Lapdog retain her?  Well, it’s simple, the Ratt and  “Cousin” Ken cannot afford any other accounting firm or law enforcement to audit the books.


You can’t say “Cousin” Pam isn’t consistent with her dislike of certain people and it doesn’t matter what color of skin you have.  She will discriminate against you like banshee while yelling remarks such as “This is your damned job?”.   To a citizen she will e-mail such comments as “You dumb, dumb man”  or “You horrible excuse of a Human being”. Her slogan may be “Just give me my e-cigarettes and watch me make it happen”  Well what happens after her smoke breaks may include an hour’s worth of work, yelling at her husband over the phone or talking to her daughter for hours.  And if someone comes in and the administrative assistant is busy, or has left the office, “Cousin” Pam may take at least 5 minutes to walk from her office to the front desk, shoulders down, and a look on her face expressing “Why are you bothering me”.  If you ask a question she is quite defensive and even may infer that you have already received something, when you have not, or she will call you stupid.  What a gal?


So then there’s the Lapdog’s version of “Cousin” Pam.  “She uses these older person kind of words like “fiddle-dee-dee, or something like that.  Which the first time she said it, I laughed because I thought “Oh my gosh, is she serious?”  The Lapdog then saidthe first time she said it I laughed because I thought’Oh my gosh”  Is she serious?” So the Lapdog denied that Cousin” Pam every used profanities but she did talk to her about it, supposedly.  “Cousin” Pam assured the Lapdog that she got upset and it wouldn’t happen again, but You and I know that’s a lie because her attitude never changes.  When asked “Cousin” Pam stated she doesn’t have an attitude problem but YOU have a perception problem and that’s not my problem..


But Chief Tracy advised the Lapdog “You know, I think when you’re not around, she’s not…she’s kind of rude to people in general and She’s always like that”  But as usual, the Lapdog dismissed Chief Tracy’s comment  about “Cousin” Pam, stating that she knew Chief Tracy disliked “Cousin”  Pam too from the beginning.  As far as Pam’s Motto, it absolutely must be something like this. “I would like to apologize to anyone I have not yet offended.  Please be Patient and I will get back to you shortly”


As the “Watch” has said previously “What can you expect when “Cousin” Pam is controlled by the Ratt.  It is time you changed White Springs at the ballot box in April.  Identify, promote and vote for TWO qualified replacement Candidates to be on the Council.  Also report any criminal, illicit and corrupt actions to the FBI in Jacksonville (904) 248-7000.


Watch out for “Cousin”Pam, the Lapdog because they only will do what the Red-face Ratt tells them to do and your money is not safe.  It’s Day 312  and the Red-face Ratt hasn’t resigned yet.  The RHATT Pack Watch continues!



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