The County is a Winner; The Town is a loser – because of the Gang of Officials who destroyed White Springs

You will recall that Spencer Lofton previously stood in front of the Hamilton County Board of Commissioners asking for a $5,000 base with the $2500 being prorated based upon the number of calls responded to.  Lofton, at the time said,“If we are not allowed enough money to go ahead and provide that service, we can’t work towards, which is my goal, not necessarily White Springs, but my goal for having an active fire department that is on the town books and then have volunteers in addition to that,”
As everyone in White Springs is aware, White Springs does not have a Fire Department.  We have a non- currently – certified Fire Chief but no Certified Firefighters I or II because Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo got rid of all of our firefighters because of their mis- handling of the best fire chief White Springs has ever had, Kevin Pittman, and as a result the brotherhood felt they would be treated as poorly and resigned as well.  It has been two years and the only Fire Department responding is Genoa for which we are grateful.  That is why, we were so happy to hear that Hamilton County has purchased a Water tender for Genoa.
If you pick up the Jasper News you will find that Hamilton County has purchased three water tenders holding 3000 gallons of water each for emergencies.  The Trucks will be used at Genoa, Bellville and Crossroads to support the fire engines.
Fire Coordinator Henry Land said the county has never purchased tender trucks, but converted old trucks into them.“This is an essential piece to enabling us to better protect citizens property,” Land said. “This shows the county commissioners’ willingness to protect the community.”
Yet this time Stacy Tebo and Spencer Lofton again went before the Board of County Commissioners trying to bamboozle them into the old contract which allowed White Springs to be paid $15,000, a year, for no calls answered in the past two years for lack of firefighters.  Of course the County would not agree that the old contract was  extended to the present and White Springs was shut down on getting money from the County again until they comply with the contract they were given which corresponds with the Jennings contract which was signed.  What a bunch of losers!
Now there was an article in the Newspaper written by Rhett Bullard’s reporter, Jessie Box, saying that he essentially is not running to give others a chance to run.  But with all the investigations going on, I believe he may be a little afraid if not a lot of finding ethics complaints against him, much less the LOFT fiasco that he may lose his law license.  Frankly it is because of Rhett Bullard’s desire to give Andrew Greene benefits no other employee has been provided except for Hutcherson, that caused this problem of not having a viable fire department.  It is time he reaped what he sowed and I believe the time is coming.  White Springs has deteriorated since he took the reins first as mayor and now as councilor using the Mayor, Spencer Lofton, only as a puppet while he takes over meetings with his spewed lies.
To top it all, there were rumblings that Candidate Natteal, Rhett Bullard’s Choice because he likes abusers, attended the Duke Energy Solar ribbon cutting.  Wow, I didn’t know Natteal was already voted in.  If we feel Tonja Brown is Mindless, wait until Arthur Natteal is somehow brought in (VOTE FOR TOM MOORE).  I didn’t realize, until he was trying to put on a Black History Month event that he was so unintelligent.  He had no plan and could barely articulate what he was even thinking about.  Needless to say he is a non-leader with not the ability to think.   That is all Rhett Bullard endorses are non-competent, low lifes who don’t have the intelligence to realize they are wrong and can’t bear to hear the truth.  After all, when Natteal was with Shonda, they had not been invited to house parties, but they would crash them thinking that was the way things are done.  Sad indeed.
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