Stacy Tebo retaliated against the City of DeBary in March of 2015

Stacy Tebo, who had exemplary employment reviews in her position as city clerk,  apparently started her retaliation against the City of DeBary in March of 2015. 

It all started when Tebo’s assistant city manager’s (Kassandra Blissett’s) job was eliminated,  There were allegations of gender-based discrimination in City Hall during a workshop. The residents of DeBary voiced their support for their former assistant city manager But the City remained mum on the issue. Mayor Clint Johnson read a statement explaining that the city attorney had advised council members to not discuss it. But residents questioned city spending, expressed appreciation for the former assistant manager, Kassandra Blissett, and urged changes

City Manager Dan Parrott said he was following a plan to cut spending on personnel by eliminating Blissett’s position on March 9, 2015. Parrott said he has looked into the matter and explained the compensation plan has more to do with providing maintenance workers with more competitive salaries and improving turnover in that department. The maintenance workers are all men.

Blissett filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on March 6, alleging Parrott was discriminating against women staff members with a new compensation plan. According to Blissett’s lawsuit, the reason given for her termination was her position was eliminated because of budget cuts. But her lawsuit argues she was “terminated in retaliation for objecting to Defendants’ discriminatory business practices based upon sex and equal pay in violation of the Federal Employment Discrimination Act.”

Blissett worked as interim city manager from September 2009 until February 2010 when Parrott was hired and then as assistant city manager until March 2015. Blissett filed a lawsuit seeking damages including lost or future wages.

In an email then, Parrott said Blissett had known for months that her position was one of two being considered for elimination.

“Since November, Kassandra has attempted to convince me, primarily through criticism of the (other employee) that he should be fired,” Parrott wrote. “The latest attempt was the week of March 1, when she made unsubstantiated allegations against (the employee).”

In an interview with the reporter from the Daytona News Journal, Parrott said he had looked into the matter and explained the compensation plan has more to do with providing maintenance workers with more competitive salaries and improving turnover in that department. The maintenance workers are all men.

In April of 2015 DeBary City Clerk Stacy Tebo who filed a federal gender discrimination complaint against City Manager Dan Parrott in March was fired.

Reporter Mike Harper stated “A termination letter, signed by Parrott states Tebo violated 11 city policies. Parrott described four instances when Tebo failed to do her job properly or she overstepped her bounds, according to the letter, released Tuesday to The News-Journal after a public-records request”   Yet in her defense all of her performance reviews were stellar but her disciplinary folder was fraught with problems.

Parrott wrote he requested Tebo send him emails she had provided as part of a records request. After more than a week, she had only provided 101 of 131, Parrott said, adding: “It appears from the emails you provided to me that … there was a deliberate attempt to sanitize the ones you chose to send me and the ones you chose not to send me.” Part of the reason we learned is that she used a private g-mail account for the City of DeBary’s business.

Stacy Tebo had filed a lawsuit against the City of DeBary stipulating that the City had delayed its response to her public records requests until it began charging money for the records in a “thinly veiled attempt to shield itself” from her requests. The lawsuit also alleged the city erred in releasing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against City Manager Dan Parrott to a Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter.

Stacy Tebo had approached Mayor Clint Johnson after a March 18th workshop in an attempt to find out which council members would vote to fire Parrot. She also expressed her opinion that she could convince Council Member Chris Carson to vote to terminate the City Manager, potentially violating the open meeting law.   Tebo called Councilman Rick Dwyer on April 2nd, attempting to discuss a confidential City Council meeting.  The letter stated “You persisted in your questioning although Councilman Dwyer refused to discuss the issue with you”

The letter also alleged Tebo who in 2014 was in charge of human resources, had failed to thoroughly investigate and report all findings after an employee made a complaint about her boss and suggests notes that Tebo provided Parrott “appear to have been altered as two different ink colors are used”

In February of 2016, the City of DeBary decided to settle two lawsuits involving public records but the matter supposedly was contentious for the City Council.   One of the lawsuits involved former City Councilman Norm Erickson and The other lawsuit was brought by former City Clerk Stacy Tebo.  The Council wished to award each $10,000Mayor Clint Johnson voted against both settlements.

The council unanimously voted to have the city attorney and city manager look into current public record requests involving Johnson after a heated debate between Johnson and Councilman Rick Dwyer. It is our understanding that the The City of DeBary is going forward with a lawsuit against Mayor Clint Johnson … parties — to produce public records, according to City Manager Dan Parrott. … An ethics complaint will also be prepared for the Florida Commission. “I want to see these public records request lawsuits stopped,” Dwyer said. “And to me, they would be stopped by fulfilling the request, and not procrastinating and refusing to provide the information.”

Johnson sounds a lot like White Springs Vice Mayor McKenzie and some of the Staff who do not believe in the Sunshine Laws and definitely not public record requests..

Although the Town of White Springs has continually delayed in its response to public records including Stacy Tebo advising Joe that she needed to cease his requests so she could do her job…and he did not even send but a few. Interestingly enough, Tebo’s lawsuit argued the city delayed its response to her public records until it could charge money for the records.   The lawsuit also alleged the city erred in releasing an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint against City Manager Dan Parrott to a Daytona Beach News-Journal reporter.

“The council unanimously agreed to have City Attorney Kurt Ardaman and Parrott determine if current requests are proper public records requests, if they have been properly responded to, and what needs to be done to fully respond.”

In accordance with an article written by Austin Fuller of the Daytona News Journal, “On May 19, 2016,  the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division sent Blissett her notice of right to sue the city. 

The complaint states that in a plan Parrott implemented, male employees received a 12.54 percent pay increase while female employees received a 2.13 percent increase.

In March of last year 2015, when Blissett and former city clerk Stacy Tebo filed gender discrimination complaints with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Parrott, he denied discriminating against women and said the higher raises came about from a consultant’s study that showed male maintenance workers were underpaid. “

PARROTT indicated that there would be no investigation into this matter,” the lawsuit states. “BLISSETT attempted to warn PARROTT of the liability inherent in doing nothing.”Blissett’s lawsuit claims there had been no discussion of her position being eliminated before her termination.

This was contrary to the budget adjustment, approved by the City Council on December 3, 2014, which slated the Parks & Recreation Department for salary reductions, not the City Manager’s Office,” the lawsuit states.”

“In March 2015, Parrott said he had to get rid of a staff position by April to help pay for a stormwater maintenance program approved by the City Council the previous fall

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