Rhett Bullard tried to tarnish Kevin Pittman’s name but Look at the Amazing Award Pittman was given


Although Rhett Bullard and Stacy Tebo tried to Tarnish the reputation of Kevin Pittman as our fire Chief, he continues to be the Amazing Man who we should still have as our Fire Chief.  White Springs, it is time that you voice your angst to the Council.  Rhett and Stacy made a huge mistake which they will NOT admit to because our Volunteer Fire Department was the best of the best, under the leadership of Kevin Pittman.  But of course Rhett’s jealousy of Kevin Pittman and his desire to be certain his friend Andrew was given benefits he ought not to have had caused the Town of White Springs to no longer have a fire department.


Attached is the portion of the CSO Newsletter which recognizes Kevin Pittman and Andrea Thomas, two of which were our former firefighters, and two other Park Rangers for the distinguished Life Saving Award.

On March 1st, Eric Draper Division Director for State of Florida Parks will be visiting Stephen Foster to recognize 4 of our Park Rangers for the distinguished Life Saving Award. Those that have been honored and received the Life Saver award are Rangers Kevin Pittman, Peter Shanks, Andrea Thomas, Brandy Nethery and Gary Erixton.


On March 18th at 6:30 pm we will meet at Nelly Bly’s for a CSO meeting and meal. The CSO will provide chicken and if everyone could bring some type of side dish that would complete the menu. Immediately following the meal, we will be having the CSO meeting with CSO Board elections. If you are an active CSO member you may participate in the voting process. There are 4 positions open on the board that we will be voting for. Names that have been submitted thus far for consideration are as follows; Dennis Price, Kerry Waldron, BeBe Willis and Bruce Witton. You may submit someone’s name for consideration for vote prior to March 18th or the night of the election. In order to vote, you must be a paying member of the CSO. There is one vote per membership. In this newsletter there is an absentee ballot you may mail in if you are not able to attend the meeting. If you have not renewed your membership you may do so as you enter the meeting.

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