Part of my file when Spencer Lofton Ran for Superintendent of Schools

Parents of White Springs, let’s place politics and party lines aside for a moment.   Consider your child’s education and who may be best QUALIFIED AS  SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS  to assure Florida State regulations and School Board policies and procedures remain in place for their protection and education.    Do you really want Spencer Lofton, Sr. to run our schools?


Those of you who are Democrats voted out Martha Butler and chose Spencer Lofton, Sr. as your Democratic candidate for Superintendent of Schools.  Are you aware the only education Mr. Lofton has is related to the military?  In fact he has a Florida career and technical education (CTE) certificate to teach ROTC.    The CTE was issued only temporary for the period from July 1, 2006 to June 30, 2009.  I ask you then, how is it that you voted for someone who hardly qualifies as a superintendent of Schools, much less an educator of your children?  No wonder he is rough with your children if he treats them similar to those of a military boot camp.  He no longer runs the H.O.P.E program or any other program in the City of White Springs.


Fortunately you will have another opportunity on November 6, 2012, to VOTE FOR A SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS  who is QUALIFIED and EDUCATED.  If your vote is not for Tom Moffses as Superintendent of Schools, you are not only cheating your child from the education they deserve, but may also be subjecting your child to physical and mental trauma. 


There have been reports of Mr. Lofton aggressively handling children while implementing military styled punishments to those who may object.  Yet your complaints or those of children are not taken seriously.  Historically, the slick Mr. Lofton obviously can escape the long arm of the law and continue his aggression toward children.


It is obvious from what has been alleged that since the children did not show physical injury, each set of circumstances have been dropped under the table.   In no other Town or County for that matter have I seen so many people who seem to allow abusive behavior by the so called after school program educators…Oh, did I say “Educators”?  I think not in Mr. Lofton’s case.


Allegations made by some relate to how Mr. Lofton chose to provide non-nutritious food to your children while pocketing the nutritious food for his own family through the lunch program.


Mental abuse is worse than physical abuse because the marks may not be seen but may ruin a child for a lifetime. 



I know you will come to the right decision once you have reviewed the FACTS about EACH OF THE CANDIDATES listed below.


Spencer Lofton, Sr. Background

  • S. Air Force Fiber Optic Cable Installation, splicing and maintenance, Sheppard Air Force Base TX. (Certificate of completion)
  • R-PACT Training – Florida of Juvenile Justice (Certificate of completion)
  • US Air Force AN/FPN-62 Approach Radar System Training Course (Certificate of completion)
  • NCO Preparatory Course Diploma – Little Rock AFB, AR
  • Air University Academic Instructor Course 07/14-07/25, 2003.
  • Qualified as a Nautilus Trainer 07/18/1996 – qualified to properly instruct in the application of Nautilus Equipment
  • On the Job Training Trainer/supervisor course – U.S. Air Force
  • Arise Life-Skills Group Facilitator
  • FL Department of Juvenile Justice – Motivational Interviewing Training (Certificate of completion)
  • Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps – AF Junior ROTC Program Aerospace Science Instructor.; Demonstrated proficiency in Computer Literacy (Certificate of completion)
  • Temporary Certificate The School District of Palm Beach County – demonstrating satisfactory evidence of professional competence of all requirements of law, State Board of Education Rules and School District


Spencer Lofton, Sr. Background continued

  • The School District of Palm Beach County – temporary Career and Technical Education Certificate.
  • State of Florida, Department of Education Educators Certificate ATHLETIC COACHING (GRADES k-12)State Board of Education Rules) (Certificate of completion) – July 1, 2003-June 30, 2006

As you can plainly see, Mr. Lofton has received many certificates of completion for courses which are short term, including but not limited to Military Certifications and Juvenile Justice Certifications,  His long term certification, although issued by the State of Florida Department of Education is merely an Educator’s Certificate for Athletic Coaching.  So I ask, “How is he qualified to educate our children”.  This is not the ROTC nor shall our children be treated as if they are in the Military.


My understanding is that Lofton also worked with the H.O.P.E.  Summer Youth Enrichment Program…and alas, I understand he essentially was asked to leave the program because of problems pertaining to aggressive treatment of children…yet the Town of White Springs so kindly provided a wonderful recommendation.  Isn’t that special!


You make the choice. Yet there is only one choice to make and that is Mr. Moffses be elected our Superintendent of Schools.

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