Other Town business:

At the March 10th meeting it was stated that TrueChoice Technology, Blueline Telecom Lease is still awaiting the Lease Cancellation request from David White for submission to Windstream.

The Hurricane Shelter/Community Center at the NW Corner of the Carver Property has been marked by Ronald VanZant and Phil Bishop gave various drawings of the property.  It has been suggested that the pond be dug behind the Carver School to give the building site more space.

Town Attorney Meagan Logan advised that it was she who revised the Employee application and not Mr. Jones as Joe Griffin was told.  She fashioned it after various Town/Municipalities applications and initially included only Criminal Felonies rather that including Misdemeanors.  But because of complaints, she is now including First Degree Misdemeanors.  The Griffin Complaint was dismissed.  The vote for the new application was approved by a 3-1 vote with Councilwoman Brown opposing.

The second complaint related to the consultant/town manager issue which Joe Griffin has been fighting.  Apparently Attorney Logan wrote a three page summary on why the Town did not break the law and Mr. Jones is a consultant by reason of saving money by the Town.  As we or I stated, we have no questions as to the reasons, just the fact that this may be an IRS problem…but it was dismissed.

March 2020 is declared by Proclamation as the Census Awareness Month.  Vice Mayor McKenzie stated that it is important that everyone completes the census to determine the congressional representatives as well as the money to be received by the Fed.

Since Ms. Beverly Brazil has performed exemplary in Pam Tomlinson’s former position, without pay, it was decided to include Ms. Brazil as the “Interim Town Clerk” approving her hours at 20 a week at $24 an hours.   After the misunderstandings in the meeting, it is not known if Ms. Brazil will accept the position since she felt she was not appreciated.

Officer Brandon Marsh provided the Council with a list of Streets which require lighting; Osceola, Diamond, Hamilton, Mill and Adams Memorial Drive from Spring to Mill, Branch to Railroad.  Someone also requested that Suwannee be considered because it is extremely dark.

Scott Gay applied for the Planning and Zoning Committee.  Darlene Tomlinson Lister also provided an application but I have no information as to the Committee she has applied for.  Both were approved with 4-0 votes.

The Hamilton County Tourist Development Council (TDC) has hired a person for 20 hours a week who will also serve on the Hamilton County Chamber of Commerce per Vice Mayor McKenzie who is on the committee.

The Suwannee Bicycle Association is working with the Florida Department of transportation to place signage on their Florida Trails.  Vice Mayor McKenzie stated working with FDOT will take take a year to accomplish but it is hoped it can be done in three to six months.

Johnny Clarity wishes to hold a  No Fuss Locals Boots and Jeans event including horses and buggy’s,and  horseshoe contents because he believes in fun, fun fun.  He hopes to have this event at the Baseball field on August 7th and 8th.  This all will be donated to bring people back to White Springs.  Vice Mayor McKenzie who has moderated this and the last meeting due to Mayor Millers lack of voice, indicated he wishes a proposal of what may be expected of the Town of White Springs and how many man hours and money will be required by the next meeting, from Mr. Clarity.

Ms. Crystal Workman of the Drug Coalition discussed city ordinance from the State of California which provides a sample wording which would deter students from using Tobacco products including vaping through the Students working Against Tobacco (SWAT) 

Mr. Arthur Natteal indicated he received a phone call from the Town of White Springs at 11:25 and when the call was returned it did not address the Town but rather Anita Rivers’ name.   Mr. Jones said when the phones were re-routed and the system rebuilt it had an old disk.  I probably do not have the entire excuse, but instead of excuses, as a so-called computer professional, this should have been done a long time ago.

Yvonne Bryant stated that she received a notice at the post office that her employee benefits were cancelled February 1, 2000.  It was stated no benefits were available. Mr. Jones advised that four checks were sent out.

On February 19, Mr. Jones gave Ms. Bryant the Post office Keys; then he asked for the keys back.  Then Mr. Jones then gave Ms. Bryant the Keys again but on March 5th wanted the keys back stating there was a problem with the mail and gave the keys to Beverly Brazil instead.   Since Ms. Bryant has never had a problem with Mail previously, it’s my opinion that the mail was taken away from Ms. Bryant because they were afraid she would learn too much about Town Business.  Yet the manner in which this has been handled is hurtful and one could see Ms. Bryant’s pain.  All Mr. McKenzie, Vice Mayor, ad to say was that this should be handled internally and not at council meetings.  Yet if your manager refers you as a bully and will not discuss what the problems are, when there have been no problems previously, where is one expected to go except to make a complaint about the Manager at a public meeting

Paydays for staff will change to Every Friday instead of paying staff on Mondays.  If there is a holiday on Friday, the checks will be given to the employees on Thursday, and if there is holiday on Thursday and Friday, the checks will be given to the Employees on Wednesday.

When Fire Chief Kevin Pittman reported on the three fire calls, five medical calls, two training days, etc, he also mentioned that he now has 26 volunteers in the Fire Department of which 14 are Certified Firefighters and the rest are support.

He also affirmed that there will be Free Entry into the Park for the breakfast which the White Springs Volunteer Fire Department will be serving on March 21st from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. at Nelly Bly’s Kitchen.  Apparently the park will be entertaining hot rods and other events.

Chief Pittman also honored a firefighter who has invested his valuable time, working on equipment and who is an ardent supporter after coming back after two years to the Fire Department.  Tom Brazil who is a phenomenal person who has assisted many people in White Springs was designated the Third in Succession in line with the Chief, Kevin Pittman, and  Lieutenant Cecil Brownfield.   This is a much deserved honor and we are happy for Mr. Brazil.

Ray Vaughn indicated there were no Water Meter issues in White Springs.    On February 8th, Hamilton County Sheriff’s Department reported a vehicle had run into the ditch at 16589 Suwannee and it will cost $500 to run into the Water Meter Service Line.  VM McKenzie stated that not only the $500 for the line but Mr. Vaughn should bill for the time taken to repair the matter and invoice the driver.

The lift station pump #2 had a problem so he shifted it to Pump #1.  Appaently #2 pump had rags in it plugging the pump.   The Lift Station is 20 years old and is not capable of not plugging up with these rags which are actually “WET WIPES” LIKE COTTENELLE which are said to be disposable but which are not.  Expect some notice in your water bill that you should not dispose of your wet wipes in the toilet.  They are not flushable items any more than your sanitary pads.

There is much littering going on and in an area where Mr. Vaughn decided to place a Garbage can, because of the litter, the Garbage can was stolen.

This coming Monday, the 16th of March, stripping of the Asphalt on Kendrick will commence.  It is not known if notifications have been given to the residents on the street or at least I did not get the affirmative answer.  Isn’t that Mr. Jones duties to inform the resident as the Town Manager.  Bill Lawrence met with citizens, even for considered tree removal.

On April 25th, if you have drugs which you need to dispose of, the Police Department will accept them from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The microphones by Music Street in Town Hall need a tune up because not all the microphones are working at meetings.

Shonda Werts, our Code Enforcement officer has sent notices to Mr. Cromwell about his house on Kendrick Street which is an Arson Hazard .  Apparently it had been used by people doing drugs and it set afire.  It is across from a Church and Ms. Werts needs the Town’s assistance to get Mr. Cromwell to respond.

We were saddened to hear that Pi Williams passed away.  He is Nikki William’s dad and of course she was unable to attend the Meeting to report on the Recreation Committee.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her for her and her family’s loss.

Town Attorney Logan indicated that the present wording and background as to how one could designate the office for which  CANDIDATE IS running is impossible at this juncture to complete the specific ordinance necessary.  As a result, it shall have to be worked on for the following election next year in lieu of this election.

The Special Events committee has been meeting weekly in view of the upcoming Wild Azalea Festival.  I inquired when someone would be at the Eco Center to deliver the food for the “Taste of White Springs” to be held March 20th and I was advised Tracy G wold be at the center at 3:00 p.m. and thereafter.  I hope some of you wonderful chefs have decided to bring some of your savory dishes.  The Committee will be forever grateful.

The Town attorney went through the policies appertaining to Committees and Boards.  I will be including that information on the blog.

I will also provide the Town Manager Position Description as well as the Town Clerk Position which the Town Council approved separately on the blog.   These job descriptions will be used in advertising for a Town Manager and Town Clerk and will be posted on the Town’s site as well as the usual locations where meetings are posted is my understanding.

Karin for the blog

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