Other than McKenzie and Miller, Mayor Lofton has been set up for failure (originally written 4/20/2018}

The officials Rhett Bullard, Tonja Brown, Willie Jefferson and Spencer Lofton worked hard this election, out of the Sunshine to make certain things would go their way.   Unfortunately Willie Jefferson Lost and Arthur Natteal could not be added in Rhett’s place when Rhett decided to give up his place on the council.

As you can see from my writings, our Town Attorney and Rhett Bullard as an attorney could have straightened out the May Day event long time ago instead of treating the Black community poorly in my opinion.  Furthermore, as we had attorneys, we would not have lost Attorney Koberlein if Rhett Bullard would have followed Attorney Koberlein’s advice and not handled all the illegal things he did without council approval.  What really I do not understand is that although Attorney Koberlein reviewed the contracts the Town entered into Rhett Bullard did not have the ability as an attorney to realize that contractually the Town of White Springs was and has always been the “employer” of any and all employees in the interlocal agreements set forth.

Instead the blame game by Stacy Tebo our so called CEO and Rhett Bullard an actual attorney couldn’t even understand or read the contract which is common for the entity in control (The Town) of employees and volunteers to pay such volunteers or employees.  This is law 101.

What I see is a major problem in White Springs is Two fold.  (1)  First of all, one votes based on the color of one’s skin   (2) One votes on how “cool” one is and doesn’t care whether the individual has any understanding of the Charter, and the laws of the US and Florida.

That is why everything is so messed up and presents for the Town never to balance a budget or stay out of legal trouble.

Now at least in this election, although it was too close for comfort, you voted Helen Miller back on the Council and Walter McKenzie was reelected with one of the power of Three being removed from the council, Willie Jefferson, by your votes.

By reading some of these articles you surely must understand that there is more to a councilor than just going to meetings and agreeing with people.  Being cool doesn’t do the Town of White Springs justice and complaining about us when we are trying to let you know what is necessary is beyone the pale and getting pretty sickening.

All I can say is Thank you for placing Helen Miller back on the Council and I hope that Mr. Lofton will realize what a pickle he really is in and how Rhett left these problems just for him.  Unfortunately Mr. Lofton’s background in the military as an administrator will not assist him getting out of the firing line without Helen Miller and Walter McKenzie’s assistance.  Rhett Bullard and Tonja Brown have set you up for failure and my articles on this blog are just to assist you in spite of your condemnation of Joe and I.

Tonja if you really cared about Spencer as you have stated you have, you would join the Miller McKenzie side and try to work through the problems that are against Mayor Lofton.  But are you smart enough to realize the dilemmas?

Karin for the blog


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