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BREAKING: Ocasio-Cortez KICKED OUT – She’s Gone…

Serves her right.

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Ben Carson News
Kellyanne Conway’s spouse is a “husband from hell,” President Donald Trump declared Wednesday, escalating his awkward public fight involving the marriage of a top aide.

Trump’s feud with George Conway has played out with ever more heated rhetoric on social media. Conway, who has questioned Trump’s mental health, fired back after Trump’s latest tweet, saying the president seems “determined to prove my point.”

Jewish Author Warns Christians: Great Persecution Coming

Trump on Wednesday called Conway’s husband “a total loser!” He claimed Conway was “VERY jealous of his wife’s success” and had been assailing the president because Trump “didn’t give him the job he so desperately wanted.” In fact, it was George Conway who took himself out of consideration for a position with the Justice Department, citing family considerations.

“I barely know him, but just take a look,” Trump added on Twitter, “a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell!”


BREAKING: Clinton Official Dead – Declared Suicide

So heartbreaking.

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JUST IN: Ocasio-Cortez Caught Making OBSCENE Hand Gesture…

So nasty.

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Happening Right Now
Border crisis: Border Patrol says detention centers are full — and starts releasing illegals »
Border crisis: Border Patrol says detention centers are full -- and starts releasing illegalsThe Border Patrol released 50 recently apprehended migrants here Tuesday, the first of several hundred border-crossers who officials say will soon be freed because there is no room to hold them. More »
Ben Carson News
Former ABC news anchor Ted Koppel says the establishment media is out to get President Donald Trump, suggesting they had “decided as organizations that Donald J. Trump is bad for the United States.”

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Koeppel, who anchored ABC News’ “Nightline” for 25 years, called out The New York Times and The Washington Post specifically, and added that analysis and commentary published now on the front page of Times and Post outlets did not appear on front pages in the past.

“I’m terribly concerned that when you talk about The New York Times these days, when you talk about The Washington Post these days, we’re not talking about The New York Times of 50 years ago,” Koppel said during a discussion on “The War on the Press” with former CBS correspondent Marvin Kalb at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace on March 7.

He also said Trump’s perception that “the establishment press is out to get him” is accurate.

BREAKING: Ocasio-Cortez DEFEATED – Voters Have Spoken

She’s in trouble.

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Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump jabbed Democrats for a proposal to eliminate the Electoral College and change the size of the Supreme Court in a tweet shortly after midnight Wednesday:

“The Democrats are getting very ‘strange.’ They now want to change the voting age to 16, abolish the Electoral College, and Increase significantly the number of Supreme Court Justices. Actually, you’ve got to win it at the Ballot Box!”

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His post on Twitter came after Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, who is seeking the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, said Monday that she would support abolishing the Electoral College. And some Democratic candidates have also backed lowering the voting age and adding more Supreme Court justices, Newsweek reported.

Trump’s middle-of-the-night post followed a pair of tweets from late Tuesday in which he stated that he “used to like the idea of the Popular Vote, but now realize the Electoral College is far better for the U.S.A.” — a turnabout from 2012, when he called the Electoral College a “disaster for democracy.”

“Campaigning for the Popular Vote is much easier & different than campaigning for the Electoral College. It’s like training for the 100 yard dash vs. a marathon,” Trump wrote Tuesday. “The brilliance of the Electoral College is that you must go to many States to win. With the Popular Vote, you go to… just the large States – the Cities would end up running the Country. Smaller States & the entire Midwest would end up losing all power – & we can’t let that happen.”


BREAKING: Ilhan Omar Shock Attack – Target Announced

This is sick.

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How America Becomes the Next Socialist Hellhole

By Justin Spittler, editor, Casey Daily Dispatch

I walked into my Airbnb and was greeted by a glass case full of money…

I’d never seen anything like it before. So I decided to take a closer look.

I opened the glass case, pulled out the cash, and counted it. There were 20 notes – each valued at 100. Lucky me, right?

Not exactly. You see, the case wasn’t full of U.S. dollars, euros, or some other major currency. It was Venezuelan bolívars. See for yourself:

• I came across this while visiting Lima, Peru last summer…

My Airbnb host must have left the bolívars there as a decoration… or a joke. It certainly wasn’t a gift.

You see, this pile of cash was just about worthless. These 20 Venezuelan bolívars were only worth about US$0.02 at the time.

Regular readers might remember this story. I first told it last July.

I bring it up again because, believe it or not, those bolívars are worth even less today – just a fraction of a penny.

You see, inflation is through the roof in Venezuela. According to Bloomberg, it reached 1.4 million percent last year. By the end of this year, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says inflation is expected to hit 10 million percent.

This has brought Venezuela to its knees. Food and medicine shortages have run rampant. Violent crime in the country has never been higher. People have resorted to eating from trash cans just to survive…

Of course, there’s a reason the country is in this mess.

• Venezuela went “all in” on socialism…

Its government nationalized many key industries, including oil assets – the country’s crown jewel.

It used these proceeds to fund a giant welfare state. But overspending on these social programs ultimately wrecked the country’s finances. That led the government to create more money out of thin air, which obviously only made matters worse.

I’m telling you this because the U.S. is headed down the same path as Venezuela.

Now, I’m not saying the U.S. will become a socialist hellhole overnight. But make no mistake… America’s descent into socialism is a trend in motion. And as Casey Research founder Doug Casey says, “trends in motion tend to stay in motion until they reach a crisis.”

The good news is that you can still protect yourself. I’ll show you how in today’s essay.

But let’s first look at how the United States will become the next Venezuela…

• Americans no longer value capitalism…

Capitalism is, of course, an economic system in which trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. In other words, the economy is left to its own devices.

Now, I know America hasn’t had anything close to pure capitalism in decades… maybe longer.

Still, even America’s watered-down version of capitalism is far superior than what most countries have.

In fact, it’s why the U.S. became the world’s greatest economic superpower. It’s also why many people around the world see America as the land of opportunity.

But those days are likely coming to an end.

• I say this because capitalism has fallen out of fashion in the United States…

Last summer, a Gallup poll found that less than 45% of young Americans (ages 18 to 29) view capitalism positively.

That represents a 12% decline in the last two years. It’s also worth noting that 68% of young Americans viewed capitalism positively in 2010.

And I’ll bet this number will be much lower when Gallup conducts its next survey. After all, there are almost no defenders of capitalism left.

Doug Casey explains…

There’s almost nobody to defend the ideas that have brought us Western Civilization. And – with the exception of a few anomalies like Taoism, yoga, and Oriental cooking – it’s responsible for about everything that’s good in the world. Without it the whole world would resemble Africa, or Cambodia, or Mongolia – not even today, but 200 years ago. Western ideas are things like individualism, freedom of thought, freedom of speech, science, rationality, and capitalism. These concepts no longer have any defenders anywhere. They’re under attack everywhere.

• Just look at what’s happened to the Democratic Party lately…

It’s gone all in on socialism.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a big reason why.

AOC, as you probably know, is a freshman congresswoman from New York.

A little over a year ago, she was bartending in the Bronx. So you wouldn’t think she’d have much influence. But she became the face of the Democratic Party almost overnight.

How’s that possible?

• AOC’s extreme leftist ideas have struck a chord with young Americans…

I say “extreme” because AOC is basically promising “free everything.”

She wants free Medicare for all. She wants college education to be free. She wants to cancel student debt, hike the minimum wage to $15, and she wants to replace oil and gas with green energy by 2030.

Now, this all sounds great in theory. I mean, who doesn’t love free stuff?

There’s just one problem…

• The United States government is dead broke…

It’s now more than $22 trillion in debt… and that number grows by the second.

Call me old-fashioned, but that’s a big problem. I’d say that reason alone is why Americans can’t have “free everything.” There’s no way the country can pay for all of these ideas.

But new Democratic socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders see things differently. They don’t see the out-of-control national debt as a problem.

They think the U.S. can just print its way out of this mess. I say this because many on the left have come to embrace modern monetary theory (MMT).

If you read last Friday’s Conversations with Casey, you know MMT is a radical economic theory. It essentially argues that the U.S. government doesn’t need to collect taxes or borrow money to finance spending. It can simply print the money it needs.

If MMT sounds idiotic to you, you’re not alone. Doug weighs in…

It’s nothing new. Just a more radical version of the economic fascism that’s dominated the U.S. since at least the days of the New Deal. It’s just another name for an old, and very stupid, set of economic ideas. By stupid I mean, “showing an inability to predict the indirect and delayed consequences of actions”…

It will work about as well as the economic policies of Venezuela and Zimbabwe. Or Argentina, where I am at the moment. These schemes have never worked in all of history. They result in a vastly lower standard of living, along with social strife.

Doug’s absolutely correct. MMT is a recipe for disaster.

• If left unchecked, it could turn the U.S. into the next Venezuela…

Some people will think I’m crazy for saying this. But you can’t rule out that America’s next president will be a full-blown socialist. Doug again…

The chances of MMT being implemented are extremely high. It will almost certainly happen, at least after the next election, for several reasons.

One, the government is now running a deficit of roughly $100 billion a month; that will soon be $200 billion. They’ll be desperate for more revenue, which MMT will give them. Second, with demographics – the youth and non-white voters – as they are, the Democrats will get a lot more traction in 2020. Third, the U.S. will be in the midst of a gigantic crisis; it will be blamed on Trump, regardless of how much of it’s his fault. There are a number of other reasons the Democrats will win.

Now, I know this prediction might just seem like a wild guess.

• But Doug is no stranger to making bold calls like this – and nailing them…

For example, Doug predicted that Trump would become president in April 2016… when most people were writing him off completely. He even bet 100 ounces of silver on the outcome, which he later claimed on stage at an investing conference.

In short, I suggest you prepare for the rise of socialism in America before it’s too late.

One way to do this is by owning physical gold.

As regular readers know, gold is sound money. It’s survived every financial crisis throughout history. When the Fed’s runaway money-printing takes hold, gold will keep your wealth safe. Its value could even explode in the coming years.


Justin Spittler
Florianópolis, Brazil
March 19, 2019


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JUST IN: Kamala Harris Makes AFFAIR Announcement… Not Again


Read the details…

BREAKING: Shock Joe Biden Decision – Media LOSES IT


Read the details…

Trump continues to bash McCain; hints at military action in Venezuela »
Trump continues to bash McCain; hints at military action in VenezuelaBefore a joint news conference with new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, Trump took numerous questions. He used the opportunity to renew his attacks on McCain and hint that military options are on the table for Brazil’s neighbor. More »

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Facebook told to face up to extremism after New Zealand attack »
Facebook told to face up to extremism after New Zealand attackAustralia’s prime minister has urged the Group of 20 nations to use a meeting in June to discuss a crack down on social media, while New Zealand media reported the nation’s biggest banks have pulled their advertising from Facebook and Google. More »
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Fox News Scrubs Jeanine Pirro Show to Appease Muslim Hordes

New Zealand Threatens 10 Years in Prison for “Possessing” Mosque Shooting Video

GoFundMe Veteran is Still Building the Wall – and Has Raised $20 Million

Reuters Covered up Damaging “Beto” Info Before TX Senate Race

Do You Really Know What Ibuprofen Does To Your Body?

This $20 Stock May Be Wall Street’s Best-Kept Secret
This new tech company is on track to dominate both broadband and 5G wireless across an entire continent. However, due to an unusual situation, few outside of Wall Street are even aware this stock exists. Those who know about it and act now could reap a fortune. Click here for details.


Ben Carson News
The Trump administration expects the U.S. economy to keep booming over the next decade on the strength of further tax cuts, reduced regulation, and improvements to the nation’s infrastructure.

Special: Freshman Congresswoman Goes Crazy

The annual report from President Donald Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers forecasts that the economy will expand a brisk 3.2 percent this year and a still-healthy 2.8 percent a decade from now — much faster than the Federal Reserve’s long-run forecast of 1.9 percent annual economic growth.

The administration’s forecast hinges on an expectation that it will manage to implement further tax cuts, incentives for infrastructure improvements, new labor policies and scaled-back regulations — programs that are unlikely to gain favor with the Democratic-led House that would need to approve most of them.

Kevin Hassett, chairman of the White House council, insisted that the president’s economic agenda would provide enough fuel to drive robust growth, stating the biggest risk would be if financial markets anticipate Trump’s existing policies would be reversed.


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BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi BREAKS DOWN – Good Riddance

It’s bad.

Read the details…

Donald Trump News
President Donald Trump expects special counsel Robert Mueller’s report to “hit” him, presumably politically not legally, but it will do so without any proof of collusion, according to Bill O’Reilly on Newsmax TV.

Special: Tax Warning: President Trump’s Tax Law Can Save You Big Dollars

O’Reilly’s reporting came from a personal phone call with the White House and Trump on Monday, during an interview conducted partly off the record with “Wild Bill,” as the president refers to him, O’Reilly said on Monday night’s “Wayne Allyn Root Show.”

“He said, ‘Well, I think they’re going to hit me, but there’s not going to be any collusion or anything like that,” O’Reilly said, paraphrasing the on-the-record portion of the call. “But he doesn’t really know, and I believe him.”

O’Reilly is writing his latest book on the president’s historic administration, called “The United States of Trump,” which is “halfway done,” O’Reilly said.

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BEWARE: Our 1st Socialist President is on the brink of being elected

Please see the message below from our sponsor, Stansberry Research.  They have vitally important information to share with you today about the state of the American economy.

Dear Reader,

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you…

We are witnessing a raging Socialist movement in America today. Just for starters…

  • Three U.S. Senators have proposed a new plan to guarantee every American a government job.
  • America’s new political star, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is pushing for free medical care, free college, and 70% tax rates…

And a recent Gallup poll says more Democrats now have a “positive view” of Socialism (57%) than Capitalism (47%).

But what no one’s really talking about in the mainstream press is WHY this is happening… and WHERE it’s all headed.

Well, one wealthy businessman says there’s a secret reason behind this trend… and it’s all leading to a political event unlike anything we’ve seen in our country in more than 50 years.

If you care about your health… your wealth… your family… and your future… it’s critical for you to understand what’s really happening and what is most likely coming next.

I guarantee you, this written analysis, by my friend and business partner, Porter Stansberry, will help you see these events in a different light.

I strongly encourage you to check out his short written analysis here…


Mike Palmer
Founding Partner, Stansberry Research

P.S. Porter says what is about to happen will “reset” the financial system in a way most of us can’t even imagine. If he’s even half right… it’s going to have a huge impact on you and your money. See Porter’s write-up here…

Ben Carson News
Apprehension numbers at the nation’s southern border in February marked a 12-year high, with the majority of migrants being apprehended made up of family units, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez said Wednesday.

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“Nearly two-thirds are family units and more than 70 percent are originating from Central America and countries other than Mexico,” Perez told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “It is overwhelming an immigration system that was never designed to deal with that type of population, deal with those types of numbers.”

The numbers of family units migrating to the United States were allowing human smugglers and narcotics traffickers an “ability to reap unprecedented numbers and money and profits and at the same time putting these very vulnerable populations at terrible risk,” said Perez.

The numbers also point to a need to modernize the country’s legal framework and to reinforce the border with technology and barriers, said Perez, adding there also needed to be a means to “keep families together through expedited asylum hearings.”

Top Cardiologist Reveals Secret for a Healthy Heart

3 Ugly Lies About Fat in Your Diet Could Be Destroying Your Health

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Learn How To Retire In 15 Minutes

Such a Fraud: Obamacare Savior John Roberts Keeps Joining Supreme Court Liberals

Daily Caller Exclusive: Fusion GPS Founder Was Meeting with the State Department in 2016

“At Least” 10 GOP Senators Ready to Betray America – Won’t Build the Wall

Major Cringe: Crooked Hillary’s Fake Southern Accent Reappears (Video)

My Father Lost Both His Legs From Diabetes! Save Yourself!

BREAKING: It’s PERJURY – Michael Cohen Has Been…


Read the details…

reaking news from Wired Conservative

The Latest Headlines…
The Public is STUNNED with latest Obama opinion poll!

Hollywood Freaks Out Over Boring Nothingburger Cohen Hearing

Olympics to Allow Tranny Dudes to Take Home All the Women’s Medals

Mother of Guy Found Dead in Democrat Donor’s Home Files Wrongful Death Suit

Video: Horde of Muslim Invaders in UK Nearly Beats White Teen to Death in Broad Daylight

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BREAKING: Sean Hannity Comes Clean With Fans… DOES IT

He just had to do it.

Read the details…

BREAKING: Clinton Private Jet Scandal – This Is Nasty

It’s worse than we thought.

Read the details…

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BREAKING: She Just Quit – Mueller Decision Stuns Media

She won’t be missed.

Read the details…

Ben Carson News
Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson insists President Donald Trump is not racist, refuting comments by the president’s former attorney Michael Cohen during his testimony before a congressional committee last week.

“I think Cohen is trying to ingratiate himself to the people who hate Trump, and he figured if he says these kinds of things, that will accomplish that,” Carson, an African-American, told Newsmax’s John Gizzi. “I’ve never seen anything even remotely [from Trump] that would remind me of racist. And believe me, I recognize a racist when I see them.”

Special: Shocking: Why Trump Won’t Be Impeached

Cohen’s remark came during a sensational day of testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee on Feb. 27 where in his opening statement he said Trump “is a racist. He is a conman. He is a cheat.” Trump and people close to him have strongly disagreed with Cohen’s assessment.

Once one of Trump’s closest aides and fiercest defenders, Cohen, 52, turned against him last year and is cooperating with prosecutors after pleading guilty to tax evasion, bank fraud, and campaign finance violations.


BREAKING: Nancy Pelosi Escort Scandal – She Paid Him

So nasty.

Read the details…









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